How To Raise Guts Social Stat In Persona 5

Persona 5 Guts guide to help you increase Guts stat and stand up to characters during combat whenever it happens, be it hero thief you want to be.

Despite the random nature of the stat, this Persona 5 Guts guide will help players in figuring out the best ways to improve this social stat for a better play experience. Guts is one of the time-consuming Persona 5 stats to upgrade but it is quite useful, especially in conversations.

Not only does Guts improve relationships with certain Confidants in Persona 5 Royal but it also allows players to stand up to people in conversations.

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How to increase Guts in Persona 5

As mentioned earlier, gaining Guts in P5 can be pretty random. The game will occasionally reward players with a Guts boost for doing different tasks.

In-game activities

Guts also come as a bonus to various in-game activities in P5R. One such example is studying in the school library. Not only does this action grant players Knowledge but also increases their Guts.

Tae Takemi’s Clinical Trails

The fastest way to get a decent amount of Guts in Persona 5 is to participate in Tae Takemi’s clinical trials. As the name suggests, they are dangerous which is why they reward players with a handsome amount of Guts for taking part.

Players will meet Tae Takemi before Kamoshida Castle Palace so they can start upgrading their Guts fairly early in the game.

Big Bang Burger Challenge

At night time, players can visit the burger joint on Central Street in Shibuya. Attempting their Big Bang Burger Challenge for a nominal fee will reward players with a prize and a fair amount of Guts.

The challenge just checks the player’s current Guts level and if it is above a certain limit, they pass the test and take away big prizes. Even if the players fail, they still get a small amount of Guts so it is a win in every case.

Working at Crossroads Bar

Similarly, working at the Crossroads bar in Persona 5 and ordering coffee from the shop will also give players a nice boost to Guts.

Reading books

Just like every other social stat, Guts can also be improved by reading books from the school library or purchasing them from a bookstore. Players can check the description to see which bonuses a book provides and then read it in the library or on the train.

Watching movies

Watching movies also increase the guts of the character, but there are certain that are to be watched on certain days to give your fair amount of guts points. Such as watching “Like a Dragon” in July, “Pach Saw” in November, “Fight Kebab” in January, “Merry Christmas” in December, and “Tanktop Millionaire” in April.

Watching these movies in their respective month will award you a +3 guts point each, which is best for improving your gut’s social stat. Although, you need to watch these movies in the cinema to get guts points.

Retro Game console

Buying a retro game console and playing the game in it will also reward you with guts points. However, you need to clear the levels in the game to get +2 guts points on each level.

Watching DVDs on TV

Renting DVDs and watching them on your TV will also improve your guts. These DVDs can be found on Shibuya central street for rent. Grab these and watch them on your TV for some guts points.

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