Persona 5 Kindness Guide

Our Persona 5 Kindness guide will help players improve their Kindness stat through various game features and methods at their disposal to improve relationships with their teammates.

Persona 5’s gameplay revolves around a lot of social stats which allow or improve interactions with multiple game systems.

One of those stats is Kindness which is used to improve relationship with certain confidants in the game so players have to be careful and focus on upgrading this stat, especially early in the game.

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Persona 5 Kindness

One of the best methods to gain a decent amount of Kindness fairly quickly is to visit the Flower Shop in the Underground Mall section in Shibuya region.

Players need to get a job at the Flower Shop which is pretty easy since there is no interview involved. As soon as players get the prompt from Morgana, they should place a call to the shop and start working there.

The flower shop offers players 3,200 Yen per shift as well as flexible timings so they can work in the evening to fit around their school schedule.

Working at the shop grants players Kindness points per shift. A number of points gained can be further increased by assembling flowers for specific orders, provided players get the order correct.

The flower shop is also a great place to buy Bio Nutrients which can be used on the dead plant in the player’s attic at Café LeBlanc.

Regularly checking up on the flower and giving it nutrients will continue to reward players with a fair bit of Kindness points.

If players aren’t interested in working around flowers, they can also hang out with the old man Sojiro to gain a fair amount of Kindness points if they manage to befriend him.

There are some other methods to increase Persona 5 Kindness stat as well although they aren’t as effective as the ones mentioned above.

Nevertheless, these side activities can still offer players a bit of Kindness points without having to worry too much.

The book stores in Persona 5 can really help with this as numerous books sold there can provide Kindness boost. Similarly, video games can also provide a small amount of Kindness points if players are in the mood to relax.

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