How To Raise Knowledge Social Stat In Persona 5 Royal

The Knowledge Social Stat in Persona 5 Royal takes the most points to rank up compared to the other four social stats...

The Knowledge Social Stat in Persona 5 Royal takes the most points to rank up compared to the other four social stats. However, you don’t have to worry; there are plenty of ways to accumulate enough points to attain the next knowledge stat ranking in the game.

A good reason for gaining knowledge stat points is that it helps you score well in the class exams, and in turn, you can improve other social stats.

This guide will walk you through all the ways to raise your Knowledge social stat, eventually making it easy for you to perform different crucial tasks in the gameplay.

How to increase Persona 5 Knowledge Social Stat

There is a variety of activities that you perform to attain points for knowledge stat in P5 Royal. These activities and actions are listed below.

Hang out with Mishima

Players can expect a 2 points increase in Persona 5 Royal knowledge stat by hanging out with Mishima. Mishima can be found in Shibuya/Shinjuku throughout the weekdays at nighttime.

Respond correctly to the exam queries.

One correct answer to an exam question can lead to a raise of 2 points. Make sure to stand at least in the top 10 or preferably in the top 3 for getting maximum stat points. Initially, it may seem difficult, but it will get easier after some time in the gameplay.

Study at different points

Another way to raise the points for knowledge social stat is by studying books in Persona 5 Royal. There are going to be a lot of game areas where you can study. Some of these areas are

  • The school library (A raise of 3-5 points)
  • Shibya diner (A raise of 2-3 points)
  • Leblanc (A raise of 3-5 points)

A tip for whenever players are studying at these places is that rainy days are the best for this purpose, as doing so gets you maximum addition in the social stat points.

Interact with Hifumi Togo

You can raise the knowledge points by interacting with Hifumi Togo in P5R. You can meet her by heading to the Kanda Church any time after June 25. Bear in mind that She will be found there only in the evening.

Solve the Puzzles

This may sound weird, but answering the crossword puzzles can get players several stat points. Most of these puzzles are pretty easy to crack, and players may get two point raise for getting the right response to one puzzle.

Work at Shinjuku bar

You can access the Shinjuku bar after June 26. Remember that you can only work for a night shift there, which will help you achieve +3 knowledge points in P5.

Complete Persona 5 Royal Big Bang Burger challenge

If you want to increase the Knowledge Social stat in Persona 5, completing the three Big Bang Burger challenges is a great way. By completing them, you can get a 2 to 5 points increase in your Knowledge.

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