Persona 4 Golden All Major Events Guide

In Persona 4 Golden knowing the dates of the major events is something that you can't miss if you are looking for items or investigation...

In Persona 4 Golden knowing the dates of the major events is something that you can’t miss. Each dungeon has various dates for unlocking multiple social links and deadlines. If you are searching for items or on an investigation, you have to keep track of various dates and deadlines in P4 Golden.

To help you with it, we have prepared a list of events in Persona 4 Golden. However, there are various events on each date, but here, we will only discuss the dates of Persona 4 Golden major events.

Persona 4 Golden major events

The storyline of P4 Golden starts in April and within that same month, you will start encountering major events that you need to know about if you want to spend your time wisely.

The entirety of P4G lasts from April till March and there are at least a couple of crucial dates that you need to be aware of in every month if you want to ensure you meet the deadlines of different activities.

Major events in April

April 16th: That is the day you will unlock the Yosuke Social Link in Persona 4 Golden.

April 18th: On this day, you will unlock the Social Link of Chie

April 18th: On this day, you will unlock the Social Link with Marie by heading to the Velvet Room.

April 18th: Enter the TV at Junes to save Yukiko. It is the first day of saving her. The deadline is 4/29.

April 19th: This day is essential to unlocking the social link with Kou and Daisuke. Both of them are athletes and will increase your Strength Social link.

April 23rd: You will unlock part-time jobs on this day. Go to the North Shopping District to access them.

April 23rd: You can start a part-time job as a Day Care worker and unlock a social link with Eri Minami.

April 25th: You will unlock cultural clubs and Social Links with yumi and Ayane.

April 29th: This is the deadline for you to save Yukiko in Persona 4 Golden.

Major events in May

May 3rd: You will unlock the Justice Social link on this day and will unlock Social Links with Nanako.

May 5th: Go to Tatshuhime Shrine and Unlock the Social Link with Fox.

May 6th: Go to Dojima Residence and unlock Social Link with Dojima on this day.

May 9th-12th: You will have your first set of exams on these four days.

May 13th: You can unlock Adachi Social Link after completing Yukiko’s Castle.

May 19th: After achieving level 3 of Knowledge, go to Velvet room and unlock Margaret’s Social link.

May 19th: It marks the first day to save kanji after unlocking the dungeon.

May 25th: You will unlock a new batch of part-time jobs on this day.

May 25th: You can start the best tutor Job on this date and create a social link with Shi Nakajima.

May 25th: You can also start a hospital job on this day and create a social link with Sayoko Uehera

May 29th: You will receive Witch Detective Missable Book on this day.

Major events in June

June 4th: If you want to save Kanji in Steamy bathhouse, then it is your last date to do that.

June 5th: The second date to unlock Adachi’s social link in Persona 4.

June 8th: You will unlock Naoki’s Social Link on this day to help him heal from the sadness

June 9th: Kanji Social Link will start on this day.

June 9th: You will get your motorcycle license on June 8th and can unlock your Motorcycle on June 9th.

June 25th is the first day to save Rise in Marukyu Striptease.

Major events in July

July 2nd: You will unlock Adachi Social Link for July.

July 9th: It is the deadline to save rise. Otherwise, you will have one of the sad endings.

July 15th: You will find the Poly land Missable Book by getting a call from Kuo on the 15th and 17th.

July 19th to 23rd: On these days, your second set of exams will happen in Persona 4 Golden.

July 23rd: You will unlock the Rise Social link and help him heal his sadness.

July 29th is the first day to save Mitsuo in Void Room inside TV Junes.

Major events In August

August 10th: You will find O Cha Way Missable Book to become a compulsive reader.

August 12th: The deadline to save Mitsuo in Void Room inside TV Junes is.

August 21st: You will get The Divine Way missable Book by spending a day with a girl in Summer Festival.

August 25th: It is the Adachi Social link day for August.

Major events in September

September 1st: It is the first day of the Adachi Social link for September.

September 16th: It is the first day to save Naoto in the TV World, where he went missing.

Major events in October

October 5th: It is the deadline to save Naoto from the TV World.

October 6th: This is the first day of Adachi

October 14th to 20th: These days mark the second set of exams in Persona 4.

October 21st: Help Naoto to talk with a man in a black suit, and you will unlock Naoto’s Social Link.

Major events in November

November 1st: You have to get Adachi Social Link at Rank 6. It is the last date for it.

November 6th: It is the first day to save Nanako by reaching the end of the Heaven Dungeon.

November 20th: It is the last day to save Nanako by reaching the end of the Heaven Dungeon

November 22nd: Visit Nanako in the Hospital after completing the Heaven Dungeon; you can also visit her on the 23rd and 24th of November.
November 28th to December 3rd: The fourth
set of exams will happen between these dates.

Major events in December

December 3rd: Open Magatsu Inaba on this day on the 2nd floor. You can also do this on December 5th.

December 21st: It is the best date for the social link with Marie

December 22nd: Best date to complete the Magatsu Inaba in the TVC World.

December 23rd: If you want a social link with Marie, it is the last date

December 24th: is the last date to complete Magatsu Inaba Dungeon in TV World.

Major events in January

There are no major key events in January.

Major events in February

February 5th: It is the first major Persona 4 new years event. It is the last date for social links. Complete these to avoid bad endings.

February 6th to 10th: The final exams in Persona 4 golden will happen on these dates.

February 13th: It is the date for Marie Dungeon in the Hallow Forest.

Major events in March

March 20th: You will have a boss fight with Margaret, who betrayed you.

March 20th: You will have a final boss fight with Izanumi, ending the game.

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