Persona 4 Golden Empress Margaret Social Link Guide

With our Persona 4 Golden Empress Margaret’s Social Link guide, we’ll be helping you through the different tasks you’ll need to complete in order to rank up

Improving Empress Margaret’s Social Link is a little more complicated compared to other character’s Social Links you’ll come across. With our Persona 4 Golden Empress Margaret’s Social Link guide, we’ll be helping you through the different tasks you’ll need to complete in order to rank up with the Empress Arcana Social Link.

Persona 4 Golden Empress Margaret Social Link

Margaret’s Demands
Margaret demands that you do more Persona Fusions for her, and asks of you to bring back specific Personas with specific abilities.

Completing said missions will rank your Social Link up. With our Empress Arcana guide, we will help you with solutions for all of the Persona fusions.

Margaret’s Reward

Upon completely leveling up her social link, you will build a strong bond with Margaret, the Empress Arcana, and she will reward you with Spiral Brooch, which will allow you to fuse Isis.

Rank 1
Activating the Social Link with Margaret requires Level 3 Knowledge. After May 19th, head to the Velvet Room, and talk to her to begin the Social Link. You’ll unlock Rank 1 by default.

Rank 2: Ippon-data with Sukukaja
Requirement: Level 17+

  • Sylph knows the required move (Temperance), fuse it with Archangel (Justice), or Lilm (Devil) or Cu Sith (Sun).
  • Obariyon (Fool) with Ghoul (Death), make sure the Ghoul is Level 10, so it will have learned Sukukaja.

Rank 3: Matador with Mahama
Requirement: Level 24+

  • Anzu learns the move at Level 19 (Hierophant), fuse it with Berith (Hanged).
  • Power (Justice), Oberon (Emperor), and Anzu (Hierophant).
  • Power (Justice), Andras (Moon), and Omoikane (Hierophant).
  • Principality (Justice), Oberon (Emperor), and Saki Mitama (Priestess); Principality must be Level 21 to know Mahama.

Rank 4: Gdon with Rampage
Requirement: Level 31+

  • Matador (Death) with Ippon-data (Hermit), Ippon Datara will learn Rampage at Level 31.
  • Ares (Chariot) with Shiisaa (Hierophant), or Legion (Fool), Ares learns Rampage at Level 28.

Rank 5: Neko Shogun with Bufula
Requirement: Level 32+

  • Fuse King Frost (Emperor) with Hua Po (Magician), which will give you Kusi, and the Bufula skill required.
  • You can now use Cross Fusion to fuse Ara Mitama (Chariot), Saki Mitama (Priestess), Nigi Mitama (Temperance), and Kusi Mitama (Priestess). You can get Neko Shogun with the required Bufula move.

Rank 6: Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja
Requirement: Level 38+

  • Anzu (Hierophant) and Slyph (Temperance) or Apsaras (Temperance), make sure Anzu learns Aut-Sukukaja at Level 20.
  • Use the resulting Pyro Jack (Magician) and fuse it with Jack Frost (Magician), King Frost (Emperor), Pixie (Magician), and Ghoul (Death).

Rank 7: Yatagarasu with Megido
Requirement: Level 40+

  • Taotie (Tower) with Cu Sith (Sun). Taotie is the one with the required move. You will get Ares as a result.
  • Fuse Ares (Chariot) with Black Frost (Fool) to get a Yatagarasu with Megido.

Rank 8: Yatsufusa with Mediarama
Requirement: Level 40+

  • Completable with Star Fusion after 20th of July. Thoth (Emperor), Orthrus (Hanged Man), Makami (Hanged Man), Narasimha (Sun), and Mothman (Hermit). Thoth will get Mediarama at Level 47.
  • First, Alarune (Moon), and Triglav (Chariot), which will get you Narasimha (Sun). Onwards from that, begin to fuse Thoth (Emperor), Orthrus (Hanged-man), Makami (Hanged-man), Narasimha (Sun), and Hermit (Mothman).

Rank 9: Ganesha with Tetrakarn
Requirement: Level 50+

  • Decarabia (Fool) with Cu Chulain (Tower), where Decarabia will have the Tetrakarn skill.
  • You can use triple fusion to fuse Mithra (Temperance), Yatsufusa (Hanged Man), and Decarabia (Fool).
  • Or, Kaiwan (Star), Neko Shogun (Star), and Fuu-ki (Star).

Rank 10: Trumpeter with Mind Charge
Requirement: Level 67+

Large fusion with Matador (death, White Rider (Death), Pabilsag (Emperor), Daisoujou (Hierophant), Taown (Hanged Man), and Taotie (tower). Taotie has Mind Charge starting at Level 38.

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