Persona 4 Golden Yosuke Social Link

In P4G, Yosuke is another social character who has covered the Magician Arcana. Persona 4 Golden Yosuke social link starts automatically as players progress through the game; however, ranking up the social rank can get players the persona of Mada.

This guide will discuss everything players need to know about this link. This will include how players can start this social link, how to rank it up, and the perks of this S-link in Persona 4 Golden.

Unlike all other Social links in Persona 4 Golden, players don’t need much to start the Yosuke Social link. The Social link with Yosuke will start automatically as the P4 Golden story progresses. On 4/16, finally, this social link started. On this day, Yosuke will awake as Joraya, and as soon as he is back in his Persona, he will join your team permanently.

In P4G, Yosuke’s social link is the first one players can unlock. He has the arcana of the Magician, and as the bond between Yosuke and players increases, he will have more skills in the battle.

Yosuke is the only heir to his family and has a lot of pressure from his family as well as society, and this creates an exciting story in Persona 4 Golden. By increasing the S-link rank with him, the players can benefit from his powerful Magician persona.

Players should keep one Persona that matches Yosuke’s magic persona to get the bonus affinity from Yosuke. The best persona for this is Jack Frost. Therefore keep Jack Frost on your team if you want maximum bonus affinity. Following are the abilities that Yosuke will learn as your Social link rank with him increases:

1Assist: Yosuke can walk a knocked-out ally.
3Follow-up: Follow-up attack.
5Recover: Yosuke can cure ailments.
7Endure: Can endure huge blows.
9Protect: Yosuke will take the blow instead of Yu.
10Second Awakening: Transforms Jiraya into Susano.

Players can also earn the bonus affinity from Yosuke by recommending ganmodoki on 6/22. They will get a single point if they don’t have a magic persona, but points will be doubled if they have one.

Rank 1

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“There’s no way the police can do it… Who’d believe that the murderer kills people by throwing them into the TV?”“It has to be us.”    00    
 “I want to keep my word too.”  00
 “Let’s bring an end to this.”  00
 “You do it.”00

Rank 2

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“Sorry about that. You know me, I’m infamous around here.”“It must be tough.”      21
 “You’re bragging about it?”  00
 “Why are you infamous?”21

Rank 3

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“Wait a minute… Am I starting to sound like Teddie?”“He’s sounding like you too.”      00    
 “Teddie’s cute.”  21
 “Hmm, you’re looking hairier.”33
“Looks like someone got my address. I get a lot of spam.”“You don’t block them?”      00
 “Why not change addresses?”  00
 “Eh, what can you do.”00

Rank 4

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“Phew, I’m beat… I’m not the complaints department…”“That must be hard.”      00
 “Don’t strain yourself.”  30
 “You’re incredible.”32
“I have to do what I can…”“That’s the spirit!”    2  1  
 “Don’t get too excited.”00

Rank 5

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“So…? You keep the goods under your futon?”“Of course.”        3  2
 “Huh?”  32
 “What, don’t you?”21
“So, you ever invited a girl in here?”“I have.”      2  1  
 “I haven’t.”  00
 “I will soon.”32

Rank 6

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“But hey, I’m glad you were there! Thanks.”“No problem.”      3    2
 “Tell me next time!”  21
 “It was fun.”32
“So… there’s no need to bother with outsiders.”“You’re right.”      2  1  
 “Man, you’re mature.”  32
 “No need to hold back…”00

Rank 7

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“I just blurted out a buncha crap, huh?”“You were just upset.”    3  2  
 “Feel better now?”  32
 “I know how it is.”32
(Snooty Student) “We heard so from her! She may have acted that way, but…”“Shut up!”    0  0  
 “Calm down, man…” (Requires Rank 3 Understanding)  00

Rank 8

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“Because of her… I started to think maybe this town wasn’t all that bad. But then…”“She dumped you?”      0  0
 “She died?”  00
“I’m sorry… Saki-senpai. I’m sorry… (Protagonist).”“Just take it slow.”  00
 “I understand…”00
“(Protagonist)… I think”Pat his head.        0  0  
 Hug him.  00
 Leave him be.00

Rank 9

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
……Cheer up.    32  
 “Still sad about Saki-senpai?”  00
 “Be a man. Stand up straight.”00
Just being born, living your life… Before you know it, you’re already special“You’re right.”      3  2  
 “That’s not true.”  00
 “I don’t get it.”00

Rank 10

DialogueResponsePoint with PersonaPoints Without Persona
“I like you for that, and I’m proud of you… But I guess I was jealous at the same time.”“I didn’t know.”      3  2  
 “It can’t be helped.”  00
 “‘I guess?'”00
“So c’mon…”“All right, but you hit me first.”      3  2  
 “That’s not true.”  00
 “Then let’s get equal”.00

Players can also hang out with Yosuke at night when Dojima is not home. This will get them additional bonus affinities though the rank will still be the same.

As players reach the maximum S-link rank of 10, Yosuke will give them Buddy’s Bandage items as gifts. This can be used to fuse the persona of Mada. 

Besides this, Yosuka will get the Evade Electric skills which will transform him into Susano-O. Which makes him more potent than before on the battlefield.