Persona 4 Golden Endings Guide

Multiple endings are something that is a part of the Persona series collection. So, following this tradition, Persona 4 also...

Multiple endings are something that is a part of the Persona series collection. So, following this tradition, Persona 4 also has a total of Six different endings, all heavily dependent upon the players’ choices. These endings include the Normal ending, the True ending, and the Golden ending. Then, there are three different Bad endings.

In this breakdown of all the different endings, you will also learn how to get a true ending in Persona 4.

Normal ending in Persona 4

To get the best ending in Persona 4, players must be patient and critical of their choices. This can help decide whether your game will end immediately with a bad ending or if you’ll get a few more play hours, leading you toward a good ending. 

To progress towards an excellent ending, players must make the right choice at a pivotal point in the game. This point will appear in the game on the 3rd of December. The players will be required to answer with specific choices since it will determine the course of the story that will follow afterward. 

Choices for good ending

Below are the choices the players would be required to select to get a good ending in the game. We’ve only included the choices, not the dialogues, to help keep this guide spoiler free, so worry not and read ahead. 

  1. Any choice
  2. Wait a second here
  3. We’re missing something
  4. Their true feelings
  5. Something’s been bothering me
  6. Calm the hell down!

If you choose these options, the time will fast forward until December, and your objective will be updated. This will indicate that you’re on the right path toward a true ending. 

Here, the players will be presented with two more dialogue options for finding out who the true killer is. Here, you’ll be required to select the right options for the following dialogues.

  1. The person who seems to be the most likely culprit is…
  2. Should you tell your friends about your suspicions about ___ being the culprit?

If you choose the wrong person to confront, your story will take a detour back toward the bad ending. So be careful with the person you select, and perform extensive in-game research before basing your assumption. However, if you’re unsure about the killer, then it is Adachi that you’ll conclude on December 5th. 

After you’ve answered that question, the time will skip to March 20th. Here, you’ll be presented with a question, “You should return to your house to prepare for tomorrow.”

You’ll have the option of either selecting yes or no. If you choose yes, then you’ll get the normal true ending. 

Persona 4 True ending

To get the true ending, players must act in a specific way when the final day rolls around. On March 20th, players must find everyone they’ve maxed out their social links with. Interact with these people, and select “no” when you’re presented with the option of heading back home.

Make your way towards the Junes food court, and head inside the elevator. Once inside, players are required to select the following options:

  1. No
  2. I’m not finished yet
  3. Yes
  4. There’s something missing   

Head towards the riverbank area next, where you will come across Dojima. Speak with him and head to the Velvet Room next. Here, you’ll come across Igor, which you’ll be required to interact with, and obtain the Orb of Clarity next.

The last interaction the players need to get over is traveling to the shopping district. Here, you’ll come across the gas station attendant you must talk to, which will include several dialogue options. However, you can select any option since it doesn’t affect the game’s final ending. 

Now, players can fight in one last dungeon, where they can engage in an epic boss fight, leading players to the complete, true ending of the game. 

Note: Some of the choices you make in the epilogue may affect whether or not you can unlock the Golden ending, so it is recommended to save your game regularly to avoid having to start over.

Golden ending in Persona 4

The Golden Ending was released within the re-release of Persona, which is considered the best ending of the game by far.

To unlock the Golden ending in “Persona 4 Golden,” you must complete the game, reach the True Ending, and then fulfill specific requirements in the game’s epilogue, such as maxing out certain Social Links and making particular choices. The exact steps for unlocking the Golden ending are as follows:

  1. Complete the game and reach the True Ending.
  2. In the epilogue, max out all Social Links and obtain the “Orb of Clarity.”
  3. On March 20th, choose to continue playing when prompted to return home.
  4. Visit everyone whose Social Link you have maxed out.
  5. Head to the Junes food court, take the elevator, and select the following options: “No,” “I’m not finished yet,” “Yes,” and “There’s something missing.”
  6. Speak with Dojima at the riverbank and chat with Igor in the Velvet Room to obtain the “Orb of Clarity.”
  7. Speak with the gas station attendant in the shopping district.
  8. Complete the new dungeon and boss battle that become available.

These steps look the same as the True Ending. That is because the only thing you’re required to do differently is to max out Marie Aeon’s social link by December 22. This will add an excellent addition to the final ending that the players will get.

Bad ending 1

Players must do the following things to get the first bad ending. On December 3rd, players are required to push Namatame into the TV. They can do this by selecting the option “Push the bastard in” followed by “Do it already.” This will kill him, creating unfathomable consequences for you and your team.

Bad ending 2

The second bad ending is unlocked if the players are not consumed by revenge and choose not to push Namatame into the TV. Secondly, you’re required to select the wrong person as the culprit. The consequences players face due to this are not as serious as the first ending. However, it will keep the mystery unsolved since players cannot identify the correct killer. 

Bad ending 3

The last bad ending is unlocked if the players follow all the instructions as the normal ending. The only difference is the players choosing not to reveal the killer’s true identity. This will unlock the final bad ending of the game. 

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