Persona 4 Golden Yukiko’s Castle Walkthrough

Our guide will walk you through the entire Yukiko's Castle dungeon in Persona 4 Golden as well as give you tips and strategies

In Persona 4, Yukiko’s Castle is a dungeon where you will face shadow enemies that test your might. There are multiple floors and a couple for the boss floor, which will take you to the extreme. In this guide, we will be doing a walkthrough on Yukiko’s Castle, how to defeat shadow enemies, and take on the multiple bosses you will face.

Persona 4 Golden Yukiko’s Castle

Persona 4 Golden Yukiko’s Castle is an exclusive dungeon that will be available on 17th April and will end on 29th April.

Fortunately, there is no defined level required for starting Yukiko’s Castle. However, we recommend reaching levels 12 to 15 before pursuing. After getting to the Castle entrance, you will get the following items from Teddie

Try to save at least one Peach Seed since you will need it for the future quest line.

Now, the dungeons are not the place where you can just hack and slash your way out, you will have a bit of survivability as well to complete this dungeon.

After each encounter, you can replenish your health back up by using items or using Yosuke’s Dia Skill to heal up when you are out of the encounter.

We can only give you information about the shadow adversaries you encounter on each Floor, as the floor layouts for Yukiko’s Castle in Persona 4 Golden are entirely random

  • Calm Pesce on the 1st Floor
  • Lying Hablerie on 1st Floor
  • Magic Hand from 1st to 5th Floor
  • Black Raven from 3rd to 7th Floor
  • Trance Twins on the 3rd to 6th Floor
  • Bronze Dice from 4th to 7th Floor
  • Laughing Table from 4th to 7th Floor
  • Secret Bambino from 4th to 7th Floor
  • Avenger Knight from castle floor 5 to 7
  • Burning Beetle from castle floor 5 to 7
  • Heat Balance from castle floor 5 to 7
  • Positive King from Yukiko’s castle floor 5 to 7
  • Phantom Mage from castle floor 5 to 7
  • Laughing Table on the 6th and 7th Floor
  • Magical Magnus on the 6th and 7th Floor

Shadow Chie Boss

There are multiple bosses in Yukiko Castle in P4G, and the first boss we encounter will be Shadow Chie, which we will encounter on the 2nd Floor of the Castle. Make sure to be in full health before taking her on.

Shadow Chie is invulnerable to wind-based strikes using Green Wall, while Mazio inflicts electric light damage. She also employs Mabufu, which deals mild ice damage, and Bottomless Jealousy, which deals light physical damage.

Shadow Chie is mainly weak to Wind, so you can use Yosuke’s Persona Jiraiya to attack her. Cast Garu to do some wind damage to take her down.

Once she’s down, keep casting garu but do not do all-out attacks. She will use a Mud wall at some point, which will resist the wind attack for the next three turns.

Just use something else apart from garu since it will be useless. At some point, Shadow Chie won’t attack you and start gazing at Yosuke.

Have Yosuke guard because Shadow Chie will be casting Mazio, which will just knock off Yosuke, but if you make Yosuke guard, he will take little to no damage.

Keep repeating the process until you defeat Shadow Chie. Once you have defeated her, a dialogue will pop, and she will join, and her starting persona will be Tomoe.

Avenger Knight Boss

After you have defeated Shadow Chie in P4 Golden, you will exit the castle and be teleported outside. You do not have to rerun the floors.

Teddie will give you Goho-M that will take you back to the same place you finished off last time, and then you can continue your way through.

When you get to the 5th Floor, you will encounter the next boss in the dungeon, Avenger Knight.

He will be significantly tougher than the previous one you encountered. Before going into the fight, capture a Slime or fust it for some extra Physical Resistance.

Once you level up the captured Slime to level 3, you will learn Tarunda, which is highly effective against the Avenger Knight.

You need to be wary of Tarukaja, which will be followed up with a physical attack.

You can counter this attack with Tarunda. It will almost nullify the attack. You can make Chie cast Skull cracker which will do a lot of damage and cause Panic to the Avenger Knight. It will give you a few extra turns to deal damage.

Keep repeating the process until you take down the knight. You can also deal Fire damage if you have Personas for it, but the knight will cover up its weakness by using Red Wall.

Defeat the boss, which will reward you with the Glass key, and open the door on the North.

Shadow Yukiko Boss

On the Final Floor of Yukiko’s Castle in Persona 4 Golden, you will encounter Shadow Yukiko, so before encountering the boss, ensure your whole party is healed.

Shadow Yukiko’s arsenal includes the Double Fangs skill which can slightly damage a member of your squad with a physical attack that hits twice.

Assault Dive skill is another physical attack that will slightly damage a squad member.

Some of the attacks that Shadow will use include White Wall and Shivering Rondo. The first one will boost the ice resistance of the boss, while the second one will deal physical damage to your party member.

Burn to Ashes is another one of her attacks that will hit your entire squad dealing mid-range fire damage.

Agi and Terror Voice are the final moves of her arsenal both will affect only a single member of your squad. Agi will cause slight fire damage while Terror Voice will induce the Fear status change.

Be certain that you are at least level 12 and have the fire-resistant persona equipped before facing off with the boss.

Chie will be ideal against this boss, but you will need to have Red Wall unlocked on the Slime for your survivability since she is weak to fire.

Shadow Yukiko will summon the Charming Prince so dealing with him should be your first priority.

Cast the Bufu skill on the Charming Prince to knock him and then damage the boss with an all-out attack.

At some point, the boss will do a fire attack that will knock down Chie, so make Yosuke a dedicated healer to keep Chie alive. Keep repeating the process.

When she is close to her death, she will start using Terror Voice, which will cast terror upon your party members. You can use an item to remove it. Afterward, the next attack will be Shivering Rando, which will deal massive damage if you are still terror inflicted. Keep damaging the boss until you finish her off.

Contrarian King optional boss

After April 29th, this optional boss will replace Shadow Yukiko. Up until the 8th Floor, you must repeat the procedure. You can confront the Contrarian King there.

Since this is an optional boss, you need to level yourself up quite a bit to challenge the boss. The King will use skills like the Red Wall that changes the fire affinity to drain. Other than that, he will also use Kill Rush to deal Physical damage to one member of your party.

He will also use some other moves, like the Rampage, Marakunda, and Hysterical Slap. To counter the first attack of the King, we will recommend you use Electrical, Physical, and Ice attacks.

His next move will be Rampage or kill rush, which will most likely knock your entire team out if you are not at a considerable level.

Once you defeat the boss, you will need to look for a new weapon for Yukiko, Suzaku Feather.

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