Persona 4 Golden Yukiko’s Castle Walkthrough

In Persona 4, Yukiko’s Castle is another dungeon that invites you to take on all the enemies that reside within. You have to go through the Persona 4 Golden Yukiko’s Castle dungeon whilst encountering different shadows on each floor till you reach the last floor and deal with the last shadow boss.

Our guide will walk you through the entire Yukiko’s Castle dungeon in P4G as well as give you details, tips and strategies on the different shadows and bosses you will face

Persona 4 Golden Yukiko’s Castle

This dungeon will first be available to the player on 17th April and will continue to be accessible till 29th April

Remember that dungeon crawling is not only about fighting but also surviving, so you must keep a sharp eye on your health. Out of battle, you can heal yourself up using Yosuke’s Dia skill!

When you enter the dungeon for the first time ever, Teddie will give you three revival beads and five peach seeds!

Save your peach seeds as you will need them in another quest. You will also get five soul drops.

The shadows you will be facing throughout this P4 Golden dungeon as you make your way up to the last floor of Yukiko’s Castle are as follows:

  • Calm Pesce on 1st floor
  • Lying Hablerie on 1st floor
  • Magic hand on 1st to 5th floor
  • Black raven on 3rd to 7th floor
  • Trance twins on 3rd to 6th floor
  • Bronze Dice from 4th to 7th floor
  • Laughing table and Secret Bambino from 4th to 7th floor
  • Avenger Knight, Burning Beetle, Heat Balance, Positive king and Phantom Mage from 5th to 7th floor
  • Laughing table and Magical Magnus from 6th to 7th

Let’s talk about the different boss battles that you will have to deal will on their respective floors

Shadow Chie Boss
Shadow Chie will be the boss you will fight here! Make sure that after you are done with the first floor, you are all healed up before opening the door to the 2nd floor.

The skills Shadow Chie have are:

  • Green wall that allows wind resistance
  • Mazio that deals light electric damage
  • Bottomless Jealousy that deals light physical damage
  • Mabufu that deals light ice damage

Let Yosuke use Garu ability if he can! You can easily down Shadow Chie with wind attacks and then finish it off with all out attacks! In case Shadow Chie can resist wind attacks you will have to use physical attacks and enemy de-buffs

Chie might also use Mazio usually after using the wind attack so defend this attack at all costs otherwise, it can knock you down pretty easily.

After you win the battle you will rescue Chie and team up with her.

Avenger Knight Boss
As you return to the castle, this time Teddie will give you Goho-M that will allow you to get to the entrance of the castle without having to walk all the way back!

The next boss you will meet will be on the 5th floor! Make sure you are all healed up and don’t forget to use Dia Skills outside the battle to heal up whenever you need it.

When you reach the 5th floor you will notice the floor driving you back! Go against the thrust and open whatever door you see to trigger the fight against Avenger Knight, the toughest boss yet.

This boss is weak to fire attacks but can resist such attacks using the Red wall skill. You can use the skill card to equip the skill or use a persona that comes pre-equipped with this skill.

The boss will also use a power charge to double the physical attack damage which your persona much defend and withstand the damage inflicted upon it.

Defeat the Boss to obtain the Glass key which can open the door on the north.

Shadow Yukiko Boss
This floor is where the final boss awaits and is the last floor of Yukiko’s Castle. Make sure that the entire party is all healed up to face the final shadow boss, Shadow Yukiko.

The skills this lethal boss equips are:

  • Double Fangs that Inflicts light Physical damage twice to one party member.
  • Assault Dive that Inflicts light Physical damage to one party member.
  • White Wall which can Increase the enemy’s Ice resistance for 3 turns.
  • Shivering Rondo that can Inflict medium Physical damage to one party member
  • Burn to Ashes which Inflicts medium Fire damage to the entire party.
  • Agi that Inflicts light Fire damage to one party member.
  • Terror Voice which Inflicts Fear to one party member.

Fighting this boss is a team effort! It is also recommended that you are on at least 12th level in normal difficulty if you wish to defeat this boss and having a fire-resistant persona is the best choice.

Remember Chie? You need to keep her alive if you aim to win this battle! When Yukiko uses Burn to Ashes against your entire party, ensure that Chie is safe.

Chie’s Ice attacks are most effective against Yukiko and furthermore you can also equip Izanagi with ice attacks using the Bufu Skill card!

Izanagi and Chie can together do wonders with their ice attacks and make the battle quite easy.

Once the boss is down make sure you keep on damaging it instead of pulling off an all-out attack.

When its Yukiko’s turn again it will use White wall to avoid ice attacks and that is when you use physically damaging attacks!

Upon its next turn, it will again use the fire attacks and this will knock Chie down so keep her safe by guarding and wait for the Charming Prince

After certain turns, Yukiko will summon Charming King that can recover Yukiko’s health so getting rid of him must be your first priority! Use Zio to Hit his weakness until he leaves the battle!

Upon becoming close to its death, Shadow Yukiko will use Terror Voice to inflict terror among your party members so use an item to remove it.

The next attack will be Shivering Rando which can deal massive damage to terror inflicted party members but also the status ailment if they survive

Keep on damaging the last boss till you finish it off.

Contrarian King Optional Boss
This optional boss is Contrarian King and takes the place of Shadow Yukiko after 29th April. The entire process till the 8th floor has to be redone and then you can challenge Contrarian King. Do level up quite a bit before taking on against this guy

The skills he possesses are:

  • Red Wall can Change fire affinity to drain
  • Kill Rush can Deal Physical damage to one party member
  • Rampage lets the king Deal Light Physical damage to the entire party 1x to 3x
  • Hysterical Slap allows Light Physical damage to one party member 1x to 2x with a chance of Rage
  • Marakunda can Lower the defense of one party member

His first attack will be Red wall so he can drain all the fire attacks as he is vulnerable to fire attacks. so, using the fire attack will actually help him restore his health. Physical, Electrical and ice attacks are most favorable!

His next move will be rampage or kill rush, a move that can knock out the entire party if you’re not strong enough and that is why you should level up quite a bit before putting your hands in this battle

Once you defeat it, find the new weapon for Yukiko, Suzaku Feather.