Persona 4 Golden Steamy Bathhouse Walkthrough

Like all the other dungeons, you will encounter a number of shadows in Persona 4 Golden Steamy Bathhouse so prepared this walkthrough to help out

Steamy Bathhouse is the 3rd Dungeon of P4 Golden that becomes available to the players on 19th May and continues till 4th June.  Like all the other dungeons, you will encounter a number of shadows in Persona 4 Golden Steamy Bathhouse so prepared this walkthrough to help out.

Persona 4 Golden Steamy Bathhouse

The Steamy Bathhouse dungeon has a total to 11 floors and on every floor, you will have to encounter different shadows!

On some floors, there will be some bosses that you need to finish off before moving to the next floor for which you will need unique strategies.

The shadows you will encounter on their respective floors of Steamy Bathhouse in P4G are:

  • On 1st and 2nd floor you will encounter Rainy Brother 4, Bribed Fuzz, Autonomic Basalt and Monopolizing Cupid
  • On 3rd to 4th floor you will encounter Cloudgirl Pot and Phantom Master
  • On 3rd and 6th floor you will fight Nizam Beast
  • On 3rd to 8th floor you will fight Daring Gigas
  • On 5th to 6th you will find Vicious raven
  • On 5th to 7th, Iron Dice
  • On the 5th to 10th Monopolizing Cupid
  • On 7th to 8th you will find Rainy sister 4, Selfish Basalt, Tranquil Idol, Egotistical King.
  • On 9th to 10th you will find Crying table, Grave Beetle, Killer Twins, Wondrous Magus and Wealthy Hand.

Next up in the guide we will explain in detail the strategies you must follow to overcome the bosses you will have to face in the Steamy Bathhouse.

Daring Gigas Boss
Daring Gigas is the first boss shadow you will find in the Steamy Bathhouse. This boss has the following skills:

  • Single Shot that Inflicts Light Physical damage to one Party Member
  • Power Charge which makes any next attack 2x powerful
  • Tarukaja that Increases Attack for 3 turns
  • Rebellion Increases Critical Hit Rate for 3 turns
  • Counter increases 10% chance of repelling Physical Attacks
  • Sharp Student which can Raises resistance to Critical Hits

Power charge is what you need to look out for along with Tarukaja as they can inflict a lot of damage.

Your next biggest trouble will be Rebellion and in your best interest, you should just defend it. Use revival items should you need to revive a knocked out party member.

Equip a persona that can defend physical damage and can use magical skills the most. Buff your evasion stat with Sukunda.

Shadow Kanji Boss
The next floor where you will expect to meet another boss is the 11th floor and this boss will be your final boss to deal with! Be ready to beat the Shadow Kanji but for that you must know what skills it has and how it uses them.

The skills Shadow Kanji possesses are:

  • Power Charge that Doubles the power of the next Physical attack.
  • Swift Strike which Inflicts Light Physical damage up to two times on the entire party.
  • Fatal End that can Inflict Moderate Physical damage to one party member
  • Roar of Wrath that Inflicts Rage on Female Characters only
  • Fanatical Spark which can Inflict Moderate Electric damage to all party members
  • Forbidden Murmur effectively Poisons all Male Characters
  • Tetrakarn that Repels one Physical attack
  • Spirit Drain: Drains 30SP from one party member

This guy plays a lot of tricks on your team. He can effectively poison your male party members and enrage the female ones so make sure you use any items you have that can undo these effects. Dokuadami teas will really come in handy.

Taking out the nice and the tough guys isn’t necessary to finish the battle but it will make the overall battle really easy and grant you with more experience.

You must play with a persona that can inflict physical damage and have electric resistance! This battle will be really tricky as both the nice guy and tough guy have different abilities and they can block certain elemental attacks.

Your first priority should be the nice guy as he can easily heal up Shadow Kanji. He also uses the Fire resistance spell to keep the tough guy from being knocked out.

So basically, your key to win the battle is by defeating the Nice guy, he isn’t too nice after all.

Use the ice attacks to knock down Nice guy and then use fire elemental attacks to take out the tough guy.

Finally, defeat Kanji to rescue him and recruit him in your team.

Intolerant Officer Optional Boss
On the 11th floor, you will find Intolerant Officer which will replace Kanji as the final boss after 4th June.  You will have to go through all the floors again till you reach the 11th floor and defeat the Intolerant Officer.

The skills he possesses are:

  • Poison arrow that lets him deal physical damage with an arrow and poison the enemy
  • Bufula allows medium ice damage to one party member
  • Garula allows medium wind damage to one party member

The intolerant officer is weak to electric attacks and usually does medium ice damage using Bafula but if Yukiko is in your team he will use Bufula two times so make sure you protect her.

It’s preferable to use electric attacks against this boss rather than an all out attack. The next attack should be a physical attack and that will do the job.

You can use Kanji if he is in your party for multiple electric attacks too.

After he’s killed, search the area for Iron Plate, a new weapon for Kanji.