Persona 4 Golden Heaven Walkthrough

We have put together this Persona 4 Golden Heaven Paradise Walkthrough to help lead your way through the 7th dungeon of the game

The Heaven’s Paradise dungeon takes place in the Midnight Channel in Persona 4 Golden and mostly involves roaming around and exploring the areas until you ultimately get to the end, it’s a bit more than that if you want to do it right and as quickly as possible. Heaven Paradise is the seventh dungeon of the TV World in Persona 4 when you are led there to rescue Nanako. The Heaven dungeon becomes available on 6th November and is playable until 20th November.

There is a total of 10 floors in this dungeon that you’ll progress by going upwards making your way through each floor while exploiting the enemies and discovering the treasure chests as you go until you finally reach the tenth floor where the final boss lies as well as your destination. You’ll encounter a couple of bosses on the later floors and a cumbersome number of enemies now and then. Since the boss battles here tend to be on the tougher side, we recommend that you’re at least level 55 before you start to tackle it.


In the Heaven Dungeon in Persona 4 Golden, you’ll come across these shadows on the following floors. These are lesser enemies that can easily be dealt with. So you don’t need a strategy for dealing with them, other than hit them more than they hit you:

Perpetual SandFloor 1
Prime MagnusFloors 1 and 2
Finnicky PapillionFloors 1 and 2
Luxury HandFound on all 9 floors.
Growth RelicFloor 2
Dark EagleFloor 2
Brave WheelFloor 2
Mythical GigasFloor 2
Rash PanzerFloor 2
Raindrop CastleFloors 2, 3, and 4.
Maniacal BookFloors 3 and 4
Killer DriveFloors 3 and 4
Apostate TowerFloors 3 and 4
Carnal SnakeFloors 3 and 4
Curse DiceFloors 3, 4, and 5
Regal MotherFloors 3, 4, and 5
Phantom LordFloors 3, 4, and 5
Minotaur IVFloors 3, 5, 8, and, 9
Dry DexyFloor 5
Reckless OkinaFloors 5, 6, and 7
Devoted CupidFloors 5, 6, and 7
Angry TableFloors 5, 6, and 7
Light BalanceFloors 5, 6, and 7
Chaos CyclopsFloors 6 and 7
Green SigilFloors 6 and 7
Revelation PesceFloors 6 and 7
Stasis GiantFloors 6 and 7
Blossom NyogoFloors 6 and 7
Conviction SwordFloors 8 and 9
Hallowed TurretFloors 8 and 9
Intrepid KnightFloors 8 and 9
Jotun of BloodFloors 8 and 9
Natural DancerFloors 8 and 9
Rain Wind MushaFloors 8 and 9

World Balance Boss Battle

World Balance is the first boss in this dungeon on the seventh floor. It’ll block your way to the eighth floor, so the vine to the next floor is behind it.

It’ll come right up front behind one of the gates on the seventh floor. Before you enter, you’ll be warned so that you can get prepared for the battle beforehand.

World Balance is level 63, and it can do some deadly attacks. It uses all four elemental attacks so you must be prepared for it.

Make all necessary preps and go in straight to the fight. In battle, World Balance uses an attack i.e. Mind Charge that doubles the power of its next attack.

When it does so, it’s best you set your allies to guard if they cannot withstand this double-damage attack. Apart from that, there are no treacherous moves that it can pull. All that’s needed is a bit of persistence.


The best party composition for this dungeon is Fox, Kanji and Brosuke

Kunino-Sagiri Boss Battle

Kunino-Sagiri is the final boss of the Heaven Paradise Dungeon. This will be the toughest boss battle in the area and will test your limits.

Kunino-Sagiri uses Heavy Elemental attacks to hit one of your party members or all at once. It also has a superior Almighty Damage type that does the greatest damage. Apart from that, it also has a couple of tricks up its sleeve.

When you put them on, it can nullify all your Stat increases in the net turn. Doing this will waste one of its moves at the expense of one of yours.

It’ll always be vulnerable to one of the four elements, which keeps changing. It can change the atmosphere, which changes its affinities as well.

You should check its stats for the change when it does this move. It can also control your party members and use them against you. Beware that you do not go into this battle with vulnerability to elements that your party members are using.

After the first phase of the battle, Kunino-Sagiri will control one of your party members and make them attack you. The effect will nullify after a few turns, and they will return to your side.

When its HP ends, it’ll control all three party members. This is where the battle will be the toughest.

Be sure you heal and reinvigorate yourself before this. But the party members will soon return, and you’ll be able to end it for good.


Before the boss fight begins, you’ll have several options to select from when Nanako is trapped, these choices do not affect the overall outcome of the boss battle nor the game’s ending.

Lost Okina Boss Battle

Lost Okina is the Secret Optional Boss of Persona 4 Golden’s Heaven Dungeon. Defeating it has nothing to do with the progress of Heaven; it just gives you the Chakra Ring that halves the SP cost of using magic skills.

When you return to Heaven after completing the Dungeon, you can start at the bottom or ascend to floor 10. Lost Okina is on Floor 10 where you defeated Kunino-Sagiri. The door leading to this boss will be sealed until you defeat Kunino-Sagiri. You do not require a key to open it.

Yukiko is a must-have of the party as he will remove the status ailments that the Lost Okina will cast. Plus, having the Debilitate skill will help immensely as the Lost Okina will keep nullifying its effect and lose turn to let you finish it easily.

The Lost Okina is not very tough to beat. It uses mostly Mild Physical Damage attacks with a chance of inflicting Enervation, Exhaustion, or Silence status effect on the entire party. It is susceptible to Fire, Wind, Electricity, and Almighty damage types.

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