Overwatch 2 Roadhog Counters And Synergies

Roadhog is a part of the Tank class in Overwatch 2, which means that he can take a lot of...

Roadhog is a part of the Tank class in Overwatch 2, which means that he can take a lot of beating and still return damage to the enemies. His hook ability makes him one of the most potent options for a tank role, as he can grab his enemies and pull them to their death.

Roadhog is hard to damage as he can restore his health and stay in the fight for a longer time, increasing the probability of his team succeeding. Learning about the capabilities and every aspect of Roadhog is crucial for players so allow us to explain which characters Roadhog is strong against in Overwatch 2, which can easily counter him and which heroes have a good synergy with this tank.

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Roadhog is strong against


Roadhog is able to use his hook to pull Baptiste out of his immortality field. Once Baptiste is out of his immortality field, Roadhog can finish him with a single shotgun shot.


Mercy has predictable movements and Roadhog can use this to his advantage. Again, the hook will be vital in getting her close to him and eliminating her.


Due to high close-range damage and the ability to pull enemies closer, Roadhog can easily defeat D.Va in most of the scenarios and is really strong against her.

Roadhog is weak against (Roadhog matchups)


Ana is an ideal counter against Roadhog as she is able of doing damage from a far range. As long as she can remain out of Roadhog’s hook range, she can keep hitting him without any concerns.


Widowmaker is a sniper in Overwatch 2 and hence, is designed to pick out targets at long range. That spells bad news for Roadhog because he will always be a clean and easy target for Widowmaker without being able to use his hook.


Zarya is the best tank character against Roadhog. Zarya’s shotgun is capable of quickly taking down Roadhog due to his large hitbox.

Roadhog synergies

Wrecking Ball

Roadhog and Wrecking Ball combine to form a deadly tank duo that is capable of winning games easily. All you need is a good DPS and support hero to pick the scrambling enemies.


Orisa and Roadhog make a really good pairing. This pairing works best on maps where less movement is required. If Mei is also in the team, the team works even better and is capable of performing what is called Ice Fishing strat.


Roadhog is capable of destroying the opposition with Sigma as both are really strong tanks. Sigma is the one who will take on the damage while Roadhog will be the one damaging the enemy.

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