Overwatch 2 Orisa Counters And Synergies

Orisa is one of the characters in OW2 that have had a massive rework with the release of the new game. While Orisa’s role still remains the same unlike Doomfist, that of the tank, her playstyle and abilities are completely different now in Overwatch 2.

To help you master one of the best tanks in OW2, this guide will break down all the characters Orisa is strong against in Overwatch 2, which characters can counter Orisa easily as well as those who have a good team synergy with her in OW2.

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Orisa is strong against


As a character mostly dependent on his shield which Orisa can quickly destroy, Sigma is a very weak match against Orisa as almost all his abilities are countered by her.


Almost all of Orisa’s abilities will prove fatal for Reinhardt but the main advantage of using Orisa against Reinhardt is having a huge amount of ammunition. It will put pressure on Reinhardt and will break his shield.


Roadhog is the highest health character in OW2 and as such requires a lot of burst damage to be taken down. This also makes him an ideal candidate for Orisa’s continuous firing.

An Orisa pressuring Roadhog with her main weapon and knocking him back into walls with the Energy Javelin can interrupt his self-healing and be able to kill him with ease.

Orisa is weak against (Orisa matchups)


Since Orisa has slower movements and Pharah is quite agile, there could be a possibility that Pharah can suppress Orisa with her fast and powerful attacks.


Reaper is one of the best tank killers in OW2 thanks to his dual shotguns that also heal him for a percentage of damage done. Having a hitbox as big as Orisa’s, it can be quite easy for Reaper to make quick work of her.


Being a slow mover and having a huge headshot-taking probability, Orisa can be susceptible to Widowmaker.

Orisa synergies


Orisa and Tracer have a very good synergy. All they need to have is proper communication. If Tracer’s Pulse Bomb and Orisa’s Terra Surge is timed perfectly, no one can escape the damage.


Reinhardt and Orisa could be a problem for opponents if both are in a team. Orisa’s attacks and Reinhardt’s huge defense and guard synergize perfectly. This team however only works in Arcade and Open queue modes due to one tank limitation in 5v5 format.

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