Overwatch 2 D.Va Counters And Synergies

D.Va is one of the most famous among hero of tanks with high health and decent mobility. DVa is a...

D.Va is one of the most famous among hero of tanks with high health and decent mobility. DVa is a good hero for one-on-one encounters with any other hero in Overwatch 2.

The Meka program in which D.Va got selected contributes greatly to D.Va’s abilities. The purpose of this program was to protect South Korea from all Omnic threats. Thus, D.Va at a very young age got trained for different battles and is a great tank. This guide will explain to you D.Va’s counters and synergies with different characters in Overwatch 2 and also the best crosshair settings.

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D.Va is strong against


In Overwatch 2, Zenyatta is a support hero. The reason why D.Va is extremely strong against Zenyatta is Zenyatta’s low mobility. D.Va can easily catch Zenyatta because of her slow movement moreover D.Va can also use her booster ability to fly to Zenyatta’s position. After that D.Va by using MicroMissile and Defense Matrix give her great damage.


D.Va is also extremely strong against Widowmaker. She can use her booster ability to follow widowmaker and reach her anywhere on the map. Widowmaker can only kill enemies when it’s an easy target however D.Va is highly mobile. Even though if Widowmaker attempts a headshot D.Va can still protect herself using her Defense matrix ability.

D.Va is weak against (D.Va matchups)


Zarya is very strong against D.Va as he can make D.Va’s abilities useless. Zarya’s special particular cannon will destroy D.Va’s matrix and because of it, she won’t be able to defend herself anymore. Furthermore, Zarya has a protective barrier for his defense, and D.Va’s no attack can damage it. Therefore, D.Va can’t win against Zarya.


Sombra is also a strong hero against D.Va. He is a master in hacking and therefore can hack D.Va’s abilities making her immobile and defenseless. Thus, D.Va won’t be able to attack her anymore and will become an easy target for Sombra.


Roadhog being a very aggressive hero can easily finish D.Va all alone. Roadhog can very simply use his Chain hook to catch D.Va because of her large size. Once caught, Roadhog can then finish D.Va using his ScrapGun.

D.Va synergies


D.Va and Genji together make one of the strongest teams of Overwatch 2. D.Va’s defense matrix and Genji’s Dragon blade alone are quite tough to resist therefore when they both combine there’s no chance of defeat left. D.Va when paired up with Genji becomes a ninja shooter and can deal great damage. Also, Genji gets enough time to roam around and kill enemies because of D.Va’s mechanisms like Defense Matrix which makes it impossible to fire Genji.


Mercy and D.Va is another strongest team as they both complement each other well. D.Va can use her booster ability to follow and reach enemies. However, sometimes doing this she gets a lot of damage. Mercy assists D.Va with this as he can heal her with your Caduceus staff. Leaving this behind, Mercy can even revive D.Va in OW2.

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