Overwatch 2 Lucio Counters And Synergies

Lucio is a support character in Overwatch 2 and is one of the most dynamic and mobile characters in the...

Lucio is a support character in Overwatch 2 and is one of the most dynamic and mobile characters in the game. Although without any major base offensive or defensive capabilities alone, Lúcio is equipped with six distinct abilities that grant allies a major boost.

Lucio uses the power of music to heal his allies and/or increase their movement speed. Given all the different abilities he has and the way they work, it often gets very hard to make the right decisions and the best plays.

Lucio may be one of the best support characters in OW2, and having a good or a bad one can either make or break the team. Hence, in this guide, we will explain all the characters Lucio is good against, those who can counter him with ease and characters that synergize well with Lucio in Overwatch 2.

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Lucio is strong against


Your small hitbox, high mobility, and healing speed make it difficult for D.Va to target you. Not only does D.Va do very little damage, her weapon spread over a long distance makes it impossible to hit Lucio so unless you are right next to her, Lucio players don’t have to worry about damage from D.Va.

Her self-destruct ultimate can also be countered by using your mobility boost to get you and your teammates out of its range. If that isn’t possible then a perfect timing of Sound Barrier can overheal allies to withstand most, if not all, of the blast damage from Self Destruct.

Wrecking Ball

Whenever you see a Wrecking Ball charging toward you, simply use your Soundwave to send him off in the opposite direction. Targeting Lucio with a Wrecking Ball is relatively a difficult task.

While Lucio’s Sound Barrier can’t guarantee safety when standing in Wrecking Ball’s minefield, it can be used to help some targets survive or even outright tank and destroy most of the mines when combined with someone strong like Roadhog. Roadhog, buffed with Sound Barrier and his own healing can walk through a few mines and not die as a result.


Lucio’s Wall Riding combined with his mobility will give Genji a tough time in aiming with his slow-firing projectiles unless Genji is very close to Lucio. Furthermore, Sound Barrier can easily be used to overheal allies and prevent them from dying easily to Genji’s ultimate. The Sound Barrier may not make them invulnerable but Genji will require extra slashes to take down a target, thus wasting his time.

Lucio is weak against (Lucio matchups)


Maintain your distance from his mag grenade and Fan The Hammer combo because that will result in guaranteed death. A good Cassidy can also land easy headshots on Lucio so always make sure to stay on the move and make full use of your speed.


Pharah’s rockets deal enough damage on a direct hit to easily take out a Lucio and even if you are moving around, the splash damage of those rockets can prove to be troublesome. On top of that, considering her Barrage ultimate is an AoE attack, surviving it can be difficult even with Lucio’s Sound Barrier because of its high damage.

Pharah relies on flying so Lucio can’t push her off the map either for an environmental kill.


One of the hardest counters to Lucio, Sombra can easily make him useless as her hack affects every ability Lucio has except for his primary fire. With the buff to Sombra’s EMP ultimate, she can easily remove the overheal provided by Sound Barrier, thus making Lucio’s ultimate useless.

Since Sombra initiates her hacks from stealth, it can be difficult to counter her with Lucio’s slow projectiles and within mere seconds, Sombra will have easily disabled Lucio’s AoE healing, speed boost and wall riding, thus making him an easy and weak target on the ground.

Lucio synergies


Your speed boost is especially useful in this case as it will enable Reinhardt to get closer to enemies easily and take them out. Especially after an Earthshatter, a speed boost will allow Reinhardt to quickly move around the field and take out weaker targets that are stunned.


Your speed boost will make up for Roahog’s lack of mobility and you can also save him from critical situations by speeding him up.


D.Va is a dive tank thanks to her jets and Lucio is an amazing support to pocket her in that situation. With his speed boost, he can keep up with D.Va while also ensuring he is a safe distance away to keep her alive with his AoE healing. Her defense matrix can also help Lucio in a pinch by keeping ranged damage away from him.

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