Overwatch 2 Cassidy Counters And Synergies

We prepared this Overwatch 2 Cassidy guide to tell you full details about him so you can master this DPS character perfectly.

The cowboy Cassidy is back to devastate enemies in Overwatch 2, although this time with some major rework to his abilities. Not only that, but this hero among damage tier list also got buffs and nerfs along with his abilities.

We prepared this Overwatch 2 Cassidy guide to tell you full details about him including heroes Cassidy is strong against and those who are strong against him. We will also go over some of the heroes Cassidy has a good team synergy with in Overwatch 2 to pull off attack combos.

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Cassidy is strong against


Bastion has a weak spot on his back that you can easily shoot by sneaking on from the back. Remember that you can only shoot him in the Sentry Configuration. This is the only you can kill the Bastion as it is impossible to kill him point blank.


Doomfist attacks are powered by a hammer that will deplete his health after each consecutive attack. If you successfully dodge one attack of Doomfist, you can easily kill him as the remaining health is very low.


The shots fired by the peacemaker are very effective in deteriorating the health of Echo even when he is airborne. As long as you don’t miss any shots, you can easily kill Echo in seconds.

Cassidy is weak against (Cassidy matchups)


Ashe is very good at shooting ammo from a long distance. Combined with a large ammo capacity, Ashe can easily outrun you. He can also get out of your grenade range with the help of Coach Gun.


Genji can easily deflect your grenade which will result in the grenade coming back to you. The grenade will blast and instantly kill you.


The barrier field of Reinhart can act as a massive shield to withstand most of your attacks. Reinhardt can then easily kill you with any of his attacks.

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