How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield In Elden Ring

The constantly blowing cold winds and the blizzards make Consecrated Snowfield one of the most challenging regions to explore in Elden Ring.

The final region found in Elden Ring contains a snowy area that brings so much trouble for your vision and progression. The constantly blowing cold winds and the blizzards make Consecrated Snowfield one of the most challenging regions to explore in Elden Ring.

To reach this frozen area in Elden Ring, you have to take a trip toward the Mountaintops of the Giants. These mountains are expanded in several directions and contain a bunch of important stuff, including loot, bosses, and dungeons.

Additionally, you can only access this area after gaining a much-needed item, as there’s no other proper way to reach this secret area in Elden Ring.

Before learning the way to reach this snow area, it is crucial to understand in which part of the map this specific area lies in Elden Ring.

How to reach the snow area (Consecrated Snowfield) in Elden Ring

The map shows how wide the frozen area is in the Elden Ring. You must complete all the requirements to unlock the region to gain valuable items and a secret path toward Miquella Haligtree and Mohgwyn Palace.

You need to gather both halves of Haligtree Secret Medallion to activate the Grand Lift of Rold to open the way to Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

Reach the Grand Lift of Rold in Leyndell

You are going to fight against Morgott, the Omen King, after reaching Leyndell City. This is an optional enemy you can skip if you want, but the death of this boss opens up two big doors that lead you toward the Rold Route in Elden Ring.

There will be a twist here if you use the Rold Medallion acquired from Melina after killing the Omen King, and then the Grand Lift will take you to the Rold Route. You will reach the top of the mountains this way, and it will take a lot of work to reach the snowy area.

You should find the two pieces of Haligtree Secret Medallion, as this will allow you to use the lift to reach the area that takes you toward the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

Find Albus for the medallion’s right half

All you have to do to get the right half of the medallion is to find Albus in the Albinaurics Village. You need to make your way to the eastern part of the village to find Albus who will be disguised as a large pot.

Attack the pot once to force Albus to reveal himself. Then speak with him to get the first half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Defeat Commander Niall for the medallion’s left half

You need to defeat Commander Niall in Castle Sol for the left half of the medallion. This castle is located in the northern part of the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Put Commander Niall into the ground or go past him toward the elevator to reach the top of the tower. You will find the other part of Haligtree Secret Medallion here, and now you must return to the Rold Route.

Activate the Grand Lift of Rold

You must use the complete Medallion and select “Hoist Secret Medallion” to play a cutscene. You will be brought down to a new area that will lead you toward the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

Move from the hidden area toward the Haligtree dungeons using the large path. Many enemies will be here, and it won’t be an easy ride. However, most of these obstacles are optional, so you can skip them for the time being to move on with your quest for the snow area in Elden Ring.

You should just take the big staircase from the hallway and escape the giant Octopus blocking your way toward the top. Go past the creature and turn right, finally landing in the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

How to get to the snow area early in Elden Ring

You can use a particular glitch in Elden Ring to reach the frozen area or Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring early. However, there’s no surety about this method working every time.

Using your Mount, this method requires you to jump off the mountain next to the Shack of the Lofty area. You need to jump toward the Minor Erdtree and use the double jump option to cover more distance while being aerial.

This method always ends in your death, but if you are lucky enough and land in the right spot, you can respawn inside the snowy area. You have to aim for the catchment zone to reach the Consecrated Snowfield early in Elden Ring successfully.

This method is tricky, so we do not suggest this and will ask you to reach the area using the Haligtree Secret Medallion method.

Consecrated Snowfield map fragment location

The map fragment location for Consecrated Snowfield is fairly easy to find in Elden Ring. You just have to make your way north after entering the snowy area in the game. Go past the cliffs and frozen ravine to reach the Monolith, surrounded by several trees.

The journey toward the map fragment is not long, but it is tiring as your vision is poor due to continuous blizzards in the frozen area. So you should mark the location on your map to easily reach it.

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