How To Get Staff Of Loss In Elden Ring

The Staff of Loss can be found in Sellia, Town of Sorcery; which lies in the eastern corner of the Caelid region in Elden Ring.

The Staff of Loss is another Glintstone Staff that you can equip to boost your sorcery spells in Elden Ring. This staff is specifically designed to help you improve your ambushes if you like to sneak around and take out enemies in stealth.

Even better is that the Staff of Loss adds a damage buff to Night Shard and Night Comet spells when used. This also provides a buff to Unseen Blade and Unseen Form but these spells don’t do any damage. This staff also boosts invisibility sorcery. This type of sorcery doesn’t get blocked by NPC enemies.

Staff of Loss location in Elden Ring

The Staff of Loss can be found in Sellia, Town of Sorcery; which lies in the eastern corner of the Caelid region in Elden Ring.

Once you arrive in Sellia, you need to head to the marked location on the map below. This is where you will find a corpse on a balcony which has the Staff of Loss. Keep in mind that you will only be able to spot the hanging corpse while jumping on the rooftops. The corpse is not visible from the ground.

Staff of Loss map location in Elden Ring

To get to the Staff of Loss in Elden Ring, start by making your way to the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace. Rest if you want and then start climbing the flight of stairs in front of you before taking a left.

Move on until you reach another set of stairs going up. Here, when you reach the end of the stairs, turn left and move to the edge, past the tree.

From the patch of mushrooms, look down and you will find a branch. Climb onto it and then jump from it to the building’s roof in the southern direction.

Now from here, you will find a black corpse with a glowing spot on it down on the railing. Jump down to the patio towards the corpse and collect the Staff of Loss in Elden Ring.

Staff of Loss upgrades and stats

The Staff of Loss does not have any skill on its own and will adopt the skill used through it. The Ashes of War can be infused with the Staff of Loss and can be upgraded with the Smithing Stones.

The Staff of Loss gives 30% damage to invisibility spells and this boost can be stacked if you have two Staves of Loss in hand. This boost is quite useful but the downside of this is that there are only 2 spells on which this boost applies.

When you equip two of these staves, the boost on the damage of the spells will increase to 170%. This two-staves-wielding method is only possible in NG+ because you can only get one staff per playthrough.

Remember that you need at least 6 Strength, 12 Dexterity, and 14 intelligence to wield the Staff of Loss in Elden Ring. With 80 intelligence, you can get the maximum amount of sorcery scaling through this weapon in any upgrade.

The stats of the Staff of Loss are as follows.

Attack Power

Physical damage: 22

Can be upgraded to a maximum of 38

Sorcery Scaling: 111-179

Can be upgraded to a maximum of 134- 339

Critical: 100

Defensive Power

Physical Defense: 23
Magic Defense: 14
Fire Defense: 14
Lightening Defense: 14
Holy Defense: 14
Boost: 14

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