Elden Ring Converted Fringe Tower Puzzle Guide

Elden Ring has many hidden puzzles in the game which can be hard to figure out. Fortunately, we are here to help you along. This guide will help you solve the Converted Fringe Tower puzzle in Elden Ring.

How to Get to Converted Fringe Tower in Elden Ring

You need to make your way to a specific point on the map (shown below) in order to reach the Converted Fringe Tower in the game.

You must find a couple of high mountain tops or similar high locations from which you can jump directly to the point shown on the map.

Once you reach the area on the map, keep an eye out for such peaks on the horizon

Elden Ring Converted Fringe Tower Puzzle Solution

Converted Tower is a legacy dungeon in Luarnia of the Lake. You get access to this area after you unlock the Academy of Raya Liurnia.

To solve this puzzle, you need to follow multiple steps and complete various tasks beforehand and they require you to collect the Erudition emote and a Glintstone Crown.

With both the Erudition Emote and Glintstone Crown in your possession, head to the Converted Fringe Tower.

Once at the tower, equip the crown and in front of the Blue Seal in the tower, do the emote while the crown is equipped. The Glintstone will glow and the seal will be removed.

Inside the tower, you will find a single enemy. Kill it and head on to the top to find a chest with two spells in it, the Cannon of Haima and the Gavel of Haima.

How to Get the Erudition Emote / Gesture

The first thing you need is the Erudition Emote. This gesture requires you to get to the academy and get a second Glintstone Key to give to Sorcerer Thops.

The biggest part here is getting the second Glintstone key, which is found inside the academy but is hidden away.

Start at the Debate Parlor Lost Grace. Head out the gate and head up the stairs on the right, on which debris have fallen from the destroyed buildings. Kill the enemies here, including the two sorcerers. From where the sorcerers were, look to the left and jump over the railing.

How to Get the Erudition Emote in Elden Ring

As soon as you get on the platform below, turn around and kill a sorcerer behind you. Kill him and head up the stairs in front of you.

Deal with the second sorcerer here and again jump off the railing on your left. From here, follow the rooftops.

When you face two of the mechanical dummies, look to the building on the right with the ledge, here, you can see a stair heading up. Climb this ladder. On the bridge above, you will face multiple stone gargoyles and a mage.

From the building on the opposite of the bridge, turn right on the ledge and jump down. Keep jumping down until you get to the roof where two more mechanical dummies are waiting for you. From here, there is a hidden ledge you can drop to as shown on below.

From here, jump on to the next building. Here, kill the enemies and use the window to get on the rafters. As soon as you enter. Look on one of the chandeliers hanging, with a dead body on it. The loot on this body is the second Glintstone key you need.

Take this key to Sorcerer Thops. If you don’t know where to find him, he is in a ruined church, Church of Irith, just to the left of where you come out from after clearing the Stormveil Castle.

Give him the Glintstone key to get the emote.

Where to Find the Glintstone Crown

The second item you need for this puzzle is a Glintstone Crown. Any Glisntstone Crown can be used. Just in case you don’t have one, here is the location to the easiest crown to get.

From the Debate Parlor Lost Grace, go to the right of the courtyard, and follow the wall of the stairs you took earlier. Keep hugging the wall on your left. We recommend crouching as you go to avoid aggro-ing the Iron Maiden.

Keep on hugging the wall and around the castle on the cliff, you will see a small white glowing crab hiding in the bushes. Kill it.

This crab has a guaranteed drop for Karolos Glintstone Crown.

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