Where to Find the Battlemage Armor Set in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has included many diverse armor sets in the game to help you build a powerful Tarnished. In this Elden Ring guide, we will let you know where to find an armor set that boasts great magic damage negation, the Battlemage armor set.

Where to Find the Battlemage Armor Set in Elden Ring

The Battlemage armor set can be taken by defeating the battlemage enemy in Altus Plateau and is not connected to any questline or dungeon like most of the other good armor sets in the game.

You simply stroll to the Battlemage, defeat him, and get his armor; Of course, the battle itself is not a leisurely stroll.

To find the Battlemage, you first need to get to Altus Plateau. Once here, head north of the Minor Erdtree to the northern corner of the map. On the cliff, you can find the settlement East Windmill Pasture, and the end of the broken bridge just south of it.

You can find Battlemage at the edge of this bridge, as shown below:

Elden Ring Battlemage armor set location

After you defeat the battlemage, he will drop his entire armor set.

Battlemage Armor Stats

The armor offers very little in terms of physical damage negation. The maximum physical negation is 6 and that is on the chest piece, meaning that any physical attack will deal tremendous damage to the player.

Where the armor truly shines is the magic resistance, denoted by Focus. It has high magic resistance and is good against enemies that use magic spells, specially Godfry’s Spirit, and Gideon in the later game areas.

The armor is also very light and can be easily used by players who have opted for casting builds, so they don’t have to face the problems of being overburdened.

  Helm Chest Gauntlets Legs
Name Haima Glintstone Crown Battlemage Robe Battlemage Manchettes Battlemage Legwraps
Physical 2.3 vs Strike 2.5 vs Slash 2.1 vs Pierce 5.3 vs Strike 6.1 vs Slash 4.2 vs Pierce 1 vs Strike 0.6 vs Slash 1 vs Pierce 3 vs Strike 3.4 vs Slash 2.3 vs Pierce
Magic 4.8 13 3.2 7.4
Fire 4.5 11.9 2.8 6.8
Lightning 4.6 12.4 2.9 7.1
Holy 4.6 12.6 3.1 7.2
Weight 2.7 4.1 1.1 2.5
Immunity 22 42 13 26
Robustness 11 23 7 14
Focus 33 63 20 39
Vitality 39 71 22 44
Poise 2 1 0 1

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