Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Location and Build

You can get Moonveil Katana after defeating Magma Wyrm boss in Caelid. You can use both intelligence and Dexterity builds with it.

Katanas are a popular choice among the plethora of weapons in the Elden Ring. Moonveil is one of the best magic-based katanas, owing to its special skill (Transient Moonlight) and versatility.

Transient Moonlight ability comes with the Moonveil Katana, which engulfs the weapon and allows you to execute one of two deadly assaults. Use a light attack to conduct a parallel slash that makes a lethal magic missile or a strong attack to do a descending slash that creates a comparable ranged magic bomb. Blood loss buildup is Moonveil Katana’s secondary effect. Like the Uchigatana, it increases gradually to damage foes and bosses significantly.

How to Get Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring

To get your hands on Moonveil Katana, you must defeat the Magma Wyrm boss at the Caelid’s Gael Tunnel.

This tunnel is located beneath the hanging cliff between the border of Limgrave and Caelid. Drop down the cliff to an opening.

When you arrive at Gael Tunnel, enter and kill the first two guards. Drop down, and you will come across a Sight of Grace that can be used as a fast travel point. You will end up in front of a mini-dungeon; bypassing the enemies, you will find another Sight of Grace towards the Gael Tunnel.

Head farther into the tunnel to access the boss area to find the Magma Wyrm. If you are a low-level player, the boss fight may be difficult. When not fighting him, be mobile and use the many obstructions in the arena as cover against Magma Wyrm’s attacks.

How to Fight Magma Wyrm?

Magma Wyrm is a powerful beast that uses fire-based and slashing attacks, so maintaining a safe distance and rolling helps dodge the attacks.

In the first phase of the fight, you should go for the boss’s head, as it will stay close to the ground in the whole phase. In the second phase, Magma engulfs its sword in flames and starts attacking while standing on its back legs. It will be a good opportunity to get extremely close to its body and attack its legs. This will also help you dodge the blade swipes of the boss.

You can use the pillar in the fighting arena to hide and heal whenever things get out of hand. Moreover, if the boss follows you around, it may get trapped due to its size. This will allow you to deal substantial damage by landing heavy strikes before the boss escapes from being stuck.

After defeating Magma Wyrm, you will receive the Moonveil Katana, 7500 Runes, and a Dragon Heart.

Moonveil Katana Stats

Damage StatsPhysical – 73 Magical – 87
Type of DamageSlash and Pierce
ScalingStrength – E Dexterity – D Intelligence – C
Level RequirementStrength – 12 Dexterity – 18 Intelligence – 23
Ash of WarTransient Moonlight (15 FP)
Additional PropertiesBleed buildup on the hit
Weapon UpgradeSomber Smithing Stones

The primary scaling is merged with midrange spellcasting to power up the Katana’s foreplay, while the Ash of War gives the edge of upgrading the weapon with powerful magic. When it comes to the basic stats, high vigor is important to survive in the Elden Ring, and Moonveil offers the perfect stats to complement its power. With the Mind stat at 20, you can frequently use Ash of War without worrying about draining FP.

Elden Ring Moonveil Build

To make a build around this weapon in the game, you need to choose the following stats.


Gear and Talismans

Any Talisman that reduces FP cost, like Carian Filigreed Crest and Primal Glintstone Blade, can work well as you will use Transient Moonlight often. For other slots, it will be situational, depending on the build type. Godfrey Icon can also be a good Talisman choice as it increases the damage of charged attacks.

As for armor, it’s recommended to go with a relatively lightweight armor; with Moonveil Katana, you will need some agility. If you start with Samurai Class, a recommended class for Moonveil Katana, you won’t have to look for an appropriate armor as its default, Land of Reed, is good enough. If you want to purchase this armor set, visit the Isolated Merchant in Dragon Barrow.


The Magic Glintblade will help you reduce spell activation time while entering into any melee combat. In contrast, spells like Rock Sling are a classic way to stagger enemies with a series of attacks, and Rotten Breath Incantation or Meteorite Sorcery also perfectly complement the attacks.

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