Where to Find Green Turtle Talisman in Elden Ring

This guide will tell you where to find the Green Turtle Talisman in Elden Ring and discuss what buffs it provides. Talismans can help you gain useful buffs in Elden Ring and often help in turning the tide of a losing fight.

Elden Ring Green Turtle Talisman Stats

Talismans in Elden Ring provide various buffs ranging from stat increases to inventory size expansion, and there are even talismans to increase damage for certain weapon types.

Some talismans in the game, like Marika’s Scarseal, increase stats and the amount of damage you take from enemy attacks, so using them requires a bit of thought.

The Green Turtle talisman is really good if you are just starting the game, and it is very easy to get. It increases your stamina recovery speed by roughly 8 to 10 percent.

If you are dual-wielding weapons and having trouble managing your stamina, you can get this talisman which helps you out a bit.

Where to Find the Green Turtle Talisman in Elden Ring

To find the Green Turtle Talisman, you will have to go towards the Summonwater Village Outskirts Site of Grace.

After interacting with the grace, head east towards Summonwater Village. There you will find a turtle just relaxing close to a Stonesword lock.

You will need a Stonesword key to open up the tunnel. After unlocking the tunnel, head down, and you will encounter a turtle.

They will not harm you, so you don’t have to be vary of them. Just open up the door, and you will see a chest.

Unlock it, and it will reward you with the Green Turtle Talisman. You are now a proud owner of the Green Turtle Talisman.

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