How To Get Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman in Elden Ring

You must have already met Alexander the pot boy in Elden Ring. However, he isn’t the only “pot being” in the game. There is actually a Pot King as well.

In this guide, we will tell you where to find the Giant Pot King along with getting the vital talismans, Great-Jar’s Arsenal, that improves your load capacity in Elden Ring.

Giant Pot King Great-Jar location in Elden Ring

To access the area where Giant Pot King is situated, head to Siofra River Well and take the elevator up north to reach the ravines in the Caelid region. You must have two Stonesword Keys with you if you want to get your hands on the Great Jar’s Arsenal.

To get to the exact location of Great-Jar’s Arsenal, get to the Siofra River Well right next to an Erdtree. Go down using the lift, and you will reach the Siofra River.

From there, head northeast by following the path until you reach a building with another elevator. The Elevator will take you to the top. Ignore all the enemies here and just use torrent to reach the elevator.

Get off the elevator and keep moving north along the river until you reach an elevator. This elevator is not like the previous two elevators that you encountered. Use the 2 Stonesword Keys that you brought to activate this elevator. This elevator will take you up to Caelid.


Keep moving forward in the northwest direction and you will end up at the Big Pot. Ditch the giant on your way. This giant will have a huge bow and arrow in his hands and might shoot at you.

You’ll have to watch out as it’s likely to one-shot you. Try to hide behind the nearby trees and get to the pot. Once at the pot, hide and de-aggro the giant first.

How to get the Great-Jar’s Arsenal in Elden Ring

The Great-Jar’s Arsenal can be obtained by accessing the Giant Jar found on the north side of the Isolated Merchant’s Shack.

The Talisman of the Great-Jar’s Arsenal greatly enhances the maximum equipment load available. As a result, it might be advantageous for players who wish to develop heavy armor and heavy weapon builds.

To get the Great-Jar’s Arsenal, you have to defeat the Giant-Jar’s three champions. The Great-Jar warriors can be summoned by touching the red signs on the floor.

Talk to Great-Jar and it will simply respond with “” but that means you have basically triggered its questline now and can progress further to get the talisman.

Touch one red summon sign at a time and defeat one Duelist Knight of the Great-Jar one by one. You can make these fights easier by simply going offline. This will help you avoid real player’s more advanced builds.

You need to get rid of all three duelists before interacting with the Giant Pot.  Your interaction with the Pot will reward you with the much-needed Great-Jar’s Arsenal in Elden Ring.

The most thing here to understand is that you have to defeat all three Duelists in a single go so do not die during the combat as everything gets reset. It means you will have to take on the Duelists from the start so plan your fight properly and bring all three down without dying.

What does the Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman Do?

As mentioned before, Great-Jar’s Arsenal increases your maximum load capacity, making it possible to carry several items. This Talisman is Elden Ring’s most powerful equip load Talisman as it boosts the Equip Load by 20%. Keep in mind that this boost in equip load is dependent on your current Equip Load.

So, if you have an Equip Load of say 50, then it boosts up by 10. If you’re from a class that doesn’t focus much on the Endurance then this Talisman will especially come in handy for you.

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