Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location Guide

Elden Ring has several powerful weapons to choose from, the Meteorite Staff being one of them. The weapon is specifically tailored for spellcasters and sorcerers. Our guide will provide you with the Meteorite Staff location in Elden Ring and help you get the weapon fairly early in the game.

Elden Ring Meteorite Staff Location

Meteorite Staff could be found within the Caeldic region at the east of Limgrave, specifically in the muddy swamps near the street of Sages Ruins.

By following a specific route in the beginning, players can reach the destination and get the Meteorite Staff easily. There is also another route but which is difficult and is stacked with dangers.

There is hence no reason to risk your life by getting into unnecessary fights.

Before the players start the journey to Meteorite Staff, it is highly recommended to unlock the Torrent mount before starting the journey. Torrent will prove to be very handy during the voyage in sense of traveling across the open world and tackling the enemy.

To start the quest, take the starting location of the site of grace and travel towards Limgrave through the Marshy area. Stop when you see the Dragon Burnt Ruins. There would be an entrance taking you down to an underground crypt.

The entrance is heavily guarded by enemies. The enemies must be dealt with to enter the crypt. The zombified enemies are not difficult to defeat but the two rabid dogs may be a problem for you. They attack very swiftly and hence the players must be cautious.

When done with the enemies at the entrance, descend the stairs with great caution as there are giant rats waiting at the bottom. After being done with them as well, players will find a treasure chest within the bottom of the descending tunnel.

Once they open the chest, the payers will be teleported to Caedil. After being transported, the players will find themselves in a crystal room teeming with enemies.

Wait for some time so that you can dodge the patrol there and then carefully move down to Grace’s site, Sellia Crystal Tunnel.

Move to your left and head to exit the mineshaft into Caedil. Now, using Torrent, move along the left shore.

Ride southwest through the streets of Sages Ruins and stop when you see a small staircase. Players can either avoid the poisonous plant inside the building and go around the structure. Alternatively, they can directly go inside and kill the plant. Afterward, they can take the Meteorite Staff from the corpse hanging out the window.

How to Use Meteorite Staff in Elden Ring

The Meteorite Staff has an S-ranked intelligence scaling and is an ideal weapon of choice for spellcasters in the game. This staff gives you a standard 39 rating plus 16 physical damage. it also gives 100 critical and 143 sorcery scaling.

You’ll require a few handy spells since this staff utilizes spells for the maximum damage output. Rest at the nearby site of grace to gain spells. It is best to equip more than two spells but even a couple will suffice.

In order to get the desired spells, you can buy them from a sorceress who resides in the waypoint ruins. She will probably have spells that you can use in combo for various attacks.

How to Upgrade Meteorite Staff

The Meteorite Staff cannot be upgraded and neither can you apply ashes of war on the staff. It, however, increases the power of gravity sorceries and boosts intelligence.

The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is actually a much better option compared to the Meteorite Staff, especially when you consider the damage you’ll need in the endgame.

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