How to Get Rock Sling Spell in Elden Ring

Rock Sling is one of the many spells in Elden Ring. This spell launches three projectile rocks from the ground that can deal damage to enemies at a distance. If the enemies move, the rocks can shift direction, amplifying the spell’s effectiveness. In this guide, we will tell you how to get Rock Sling Spell in Elden Ring.

How to Get Rock Sling Spell in Elden Ring

You can find the Rock Sling by going to the Street of Sage’s ruins in Caelid.  This spell can be found in the northwest of the Aeonia Swamp Site of Grace.

You have to enter the ruin there and get into the basement for getting the Rock Sling Sorcery.

The easiest way of getting that Sorcery is going to the location shown on the map below. Once you reach the location, you’ll be able to spot a ruin in the vicinity.

Enter the Ruin, and a few steps forward, you will see the pathway to the basement.

Enter the basement, and just after opening the first door, you will see a chest. Open the Chest, and you will get the Rock Sling Spell in the Elden Ring. But make sure you don’t get poisoned by the mages in the area and ride on torrent when you can to prevent Scarlet Rot.

How to Use Rock Sling Spell

Using that spell is not much costly in the Elden Ring. It will just cost 18 FP and 29 Stamina each time you cast this spell. This spell uses 1 Memory Slot, and the intelligence required for it is 18, which is not too much.

This spell will deal magic damage to the enemies after hit. The casting speed of this spell is neither high nor low it is around the medium range.

You can also charge this spell, making it even better against enemies.

While using against the target in close range, its accuracy gets low since it will shoot the rocks past the enemies. You can increase its damage by using the Meteorite Staff that scales with intelligence.

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