Elden Ring Best Light Armor Guide

Elden Ring features a ton of different armor sets for players to equip. The following Elden Ring Best Light Armor guide will list some of the best light armor sets that players might be interested in the game.

Best Light Armor In Elden Ring

Armors provide protection and immunity in Elden Ring and help characters stay safe. Armors vary from heavy to light and depending upon your setup, you can pick the armor of your choice.

Heavy armors offer high protection but may decrease your mobility while on the contrary, light armors offer some less protection from physical damage but at the same time they may also be offering some boost in any skill like dexterity or vigor.

If you are looking for the best light armor in Elden Ring, you’re at the right place, and below is what you want.

The Mushroom Set

This is a really weird-looking set that offers a ton of immunity. The armor is very useful against poison and scarlet rot. Elden Ring is full of places where you need to go across the huge poison bodies and in those cases, the best choice is the Mushroom Set.

When it comes to getting the set, you must have unlocked the upper region of the map, and then starting from the Great Lift of Dactus, move up the map towards the north and get to the Seethwater River Site of Grace.

Move north from the Site of Grace through a valley until you reach the entrance to the Seethwater cave. Locate the flower-looking boss in the cave by progressing this poison-filled cave and kill it to get the Mushroom Set.

The Black Knife Set

The Black Knife set is not only useful but also quite fashionable. It comes all in black with a flowing black cloak as a bonus.

The set has pretty nice stats and carries a small amount of weight. The very special thing about the set is that it silences your footsteps. You can literally run a marathon behind an enemy and it won’t notice your presence.

To get the set, you should be in the later section of the game where you’ve got access to the northern portion of the map which is covered with snow. You also must have unlocked the secret lift with medallions and assuming that you have achieved the requirements, here’s how to proceed.

After getting to the location, move north to Ordina where you’ll see a tower and a bunch of other structures. Turn left from the entrance and move along the boundary of the building and get to the rear portion. There, you’ll find the set held by a corpse and you would not need to do any hustle at all.

The White Reed set

Another incredible armor set that you won’t want to miss is the White Reed Set. It carries some bonus points for players who really focus on dexterity. This armor comes with a boost of three points to dexterity.

The armor is found at the end of the game near Mountaintops of the Giants. To begin with the quest to find the armor, get to the Spirit Caller’s Cave beside the big frozen lake area.

The place requires two Stonesword Keys to give you access and inside the cave, you’ll fight against Inaba who drops everything of the set except the headpiece.

To get the headgear, you will have to go to a completely different area. To complete the set, get to the mountain top just in front of the boss arena of the Church of Repose. There, you’ll be invaded by the Bloody Finger Okina, and defeating it owes you the headset of the White Reed Set along with Rivers of Blood katana.

The Leather Set

Another very light set in Elden Ring is the Leather Set. The armor fits best for assassins and has medium stats that primarily focus on strength, Dexterity, and Vigor with 75 points to each.

You may not find the stats very impressive but being an assassin, you really need to be light and sneaky and for that, this armor fits best.

To get the armor, get to the Murkwater Cave which you can gain access to very early in the game. After getting into the cave, follow the tunnel and swipe some low-level enemies on the way until you get to a bonfire location where you can kill the boss to get the whole set.

The set doesn’t come with any helmet, so feel at ease to get anything thing for your head that looks good with it.

The Bandit Set

The last on the list here is the Bandit Set. The set might not look as cool as some of the other sets on this list but still helps you level up your sneaking game in Elden Ring.

To get the set, you can start either as Bandit Class and then carry on with the set. Else, you can get the armor from different people and merchants.

The mask of the set can be obtained from a bridge in the northern limgrave where you’ll find the Nomadic merchant. The mask can be bought for 1500 runes from the merchant.

The rest of the armor is found at the Stormveil castle. After getting through the main gate of the castle, turn right wherein a room you’ll find a guy named Gatekeeper and after exhausting dialogues, he’ll tell you he sells stuff, and you can buy the armor from him.

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