Where to Find Spellblade Set in Elden Ring

We've put together a guide where we will explain Where to Find Spellblade Set in Elden Ring and talk about its stats as well.

In Elden Ring, there are many armor sets that players can choose from. Each armor set has its own pros and cons, which depend on the type of class you are using. One armor set is Spellblade, a great armor set, especially early on in the game. This guide will explain Where to Find Spellblade Set in Elden Ring.

The Spellblade set is a good early game choice for people using spellcasters class. The Spellblade armor set in Elden Ring consists of the following armor pieces:

  • Spellblade’s Pointed Hat
  • Spellblade’s Traveling Attire
  • Spellblade’s Gloves
  • Spellblade’s Trousers

How to get Spellblade Set in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Spellblade set is dropped by Sorcerer Rogier. Rogier can be found in Roundtable Hold. For your ease, we have a map image showing the location of Rogier. As you might already know, you can’t reach Roundtable Hold on foot and the only the way to reach there is through fast travel.

spellblade armor set

The Armor set will be dropped by Sorcerer Rogier when he dies during the questline. When he dies, you will be able to pick up and use the armor set.

Spellblade Set Stats, Is it Good?

Spellblade Armor set provides good protection against magic damage, however, the armor set will struggle a lot against physical damage as its physical damage negation is quite low. This shouldn’t be surprising though as it’s a mage armor and you will be staying at a distance for most of the time.

The benefits of Spellblade Set don’t end there. This cool looking armor set also increases the magic damage you deal by 2% for each piece you equip. So if you have all

It has great focus and vitality resistance as well. The Spellblade set also increases Frost and Magic weapons skills by 2% from each armor piece, meaning an 8% boost if the full set is equipped. Initially, this boost might seem insignificant with lower stats however, as you will progress through the games and your stats will increase, this % damage will offer you more value. So if you are in late-game in Elden Ring as a mage, do consider using Spellblade Armor set.

Total Weight: 8.6

Damage Negation

  • Physical damage: 9.2
  • Versus Strike damage: 6.1
  • Magic damage: 27.6
  • Versus Slash damage: 9.2
  • Fire damage: 24.6
  • Versus Pierce damage: 9.2
  • Lightning damage: 25.7
  • Holy damage: 27.6


  • Immunity: 86
  • Robustness: 44
  • Focus: 141
  • Vitality: 151
  • Poise: 2

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