Where To Find Samurai Armor In Elden Ring

Do you want to look like an ancient japanese warrior in Elden Ring? Then you'll need to get the Samurai Armor sets.

Armor sets in Elden Ring are a pivotal part of your gear as you journey through the Lands Between and aid you by providing resistance and negating oncoming damage. There are two distinct Samurai Armor sets in Elden Ring.

In this guide, we’ll go over where you can find the best Samurai Armor Sets in Elden Ring, including their locations and cost in Runes. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Samurai Armor in Elden Ring

Two are two sets in Elden Ring that perfectly fit the samurai theme. They are the Land of Reeds set and the White Reed set. Let’s look at where you can find both these sets in Elden Ring.

Land of Reeds Armor Set Location

The Samurai or Land of Reeds Armor Set is one of the best early-game armor sets in Elden Ring. It provides decent protection and doesn’t weigh too much.

The Samurai class in Elden Ring comes equipped with the Land of Reeds Armor set by default; however, if you want to start with a different class, you can still find it within the game world and do so very early on.

You can buy the Land of Reeds armor in Elden Ring from the merchant in North Caelid, just next to the Isolated Merchant’s Shack Site of Grace. You can interact with the merchant at any time other than night.

The cost of the full armor set is 4500 Runes. Here is a breakdown of the cost of all individual items

Land of Reeds Helmet: 1,000 Runes

Land of Reeds Armor: 1,500 Runes

Land of Reeds Gauntlets: 1,000 Runes

Land of Reeds Greaves: 1,000 Runes

White Reed Armor Set Location

The White Reed Armor can not be bought from any Merchant in Elden Ring, to acquire it, you must find it. To complete the full set, you need to visit two locations;

The Spiritcaller’s Cave in the Mountaintops of the Giants contains the White Reed Armor, White Reed Gauntlets, and White Reed Greaves. They’re discovered on a body in a vast tunnel full of spirit wolves. To access this cave, you’ll need two Stonesword Keys. The cave can be reached by going straight from the Freezing Lake Sight of Grace and then taking the first stone path towards your right.

At Mountaintops of the Giants, defeating Bloody Finger Okina yields the White Reed Armor Helmet, the Okina Mask.

Best Samurai Armor Sets in Elden Ring

The best armor sets for the Samurai class apart from Land of Reeds and White Reed Armor Sets are mentioned below:

These armor sets all boast great damage negation and poise. Though they all are on the heavier side, you’ll need a lot of endurance and high equipment load to equip and make the most out of them.