How To Get The Mushroom Set In Elden Ring

This guide will cover how to get the Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring and its stats will also be mentioned.

In Elden Ring, the Mushroom Armor set is one of the unique-looking sets you can wear in the game. The entire set is made entirely of mushrooms and other fungal growths that cover your body. While the set lacks protective power, it provides great secondary stats and resistances that are very useful. 

Its resistance against poison and scarlet rot is especially high, so if you plan to fight against enemies that do such damage type, you’ll need the Mushroom Armor set.

Another unique point about this set is that it has two headpieces. Needless to say, this set needs to be in your inventory. Today, we’ll tell you all about how to get the Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring. 

Where to find the Mushroom Set in Elden Ring

As mentioned before, this set has two headpieces. You will find the Mushroom Head, Mushroom Body, Mushroom Arms, and Mushroom Legs in one location, whereas the Mushroom Crown can be picked up separately. All items will be picked up as loot in the world so there is no need to farm them. 

Mushroom Head, Body, Arms, and Legs

The Mushroom Armor Set in Elden Ring can be found at the Seethewater Cave. You will need to have two Stonesword Keys to gain entry into the cave. 

Start from the Seethewater River Site of Grace and follow the Ravine till you find the closed door. There will be a statue to place your Stonesword Key in, and the entry to the cave will be close to it.

Before proceeding further, you will need to equip items that neutralize poison damage as there will poison water and enemies that deal poison damage inside.

Head into the cave where you can jump down and keep moving until you find a big flower called a Giant Miranda Sprout. Kill it, and then look behind the flower, where you will find your long-awaited armor. If you want to explore the cave further, you should equip the armor and then proceed. The resistance provided by the armor will make your job easier.

Mushroom Crown

Mushroom Crown map location in Elden Ring

There is another optional Helm called ‘Mushroom Crown’ you can use with the Mushroom Armor Set. It is located in the South-Eastern corner of the Lake of Rot. Start from the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace and proceed towards the South-East. 

You should get the rest of the armor set first and then come to get the crown. Since the Mushroom Armor Set provides good resistance against rot, you won’t be affected as much if you came here without it. Proceed through the lake until you see a stone structure with pillars.

Climb it using the ramp nearby and go to the main structure. Here you will see a corpse inside on top of a pillar which will have the Mushroom Crown on top of it. 

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