Where to Find Mad Tongue Alberich’s Set in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there are loads of different armor sets that players can use during their adventures. The different armor sets have different boosts that they provide, which will be vital for the build you are going for. This guide will explain where to find Mad Tongue Alberich’s Set in Elden Ring. Mad Tongue Alberich wears this armor set.

Where to Find Mad Tongue Alberich’s Set in Elden Ring

To find this armor set, make your way to the Altus Plateau. Despite the name, the armor set does not actually drop from Mad Tongue Alberich boss himself.

In Altus Plateau, make your way to the Fortified Manor. This Manor is located in the south-western part of Leyndell in Royal Capital. Once you reach Fortified Manor, head to the first floor to find the Mad Tongue Alberich’s Armor set. The Armor set is present near the Site of Grace on the first floor.

For your ease, we have an image showing the location of Mad Tongue Alberich’s set below.

The Armor set consists of the following pieces:

  • Alberich’s Pointed Hat
  • Alberich’s Robe
  • Alberich’s Bracers
  • Alberich’s Trousers.

Alberich Armor Set Stats

The Alberich’s Armor set is suitable for sorcerers. It especially benefits the thorn sorcery. Equipping the Hat, Robe and Bracers boosts 5% to Aberrant Sorcery spells. The armor has the following stats.

Total Weight: 9.7

Damage Negation:

  • Physical damage: 11.4
  • Versus Strike damage: 8.9
  • Versus Slash damage: 11.4
  • Versus Pierce damage: 11.4
  • Magic damage: 27.0
  • Fire damage: 25.8
  • Lightning damage: 27.1
  • Holy damage: 27.9


  • Immunity: 93
  • Robustness: 55
  • Focus: 159
  • Vitality: 170
  • Poise: 2

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