Elden Ring Malenia Blade of Miquella Boss Guide

Elden Rings has many dungeons, and all of these dungeons have their own optional bosses. This guide will help you...

Elden Rings has many dungeons, and all of these dungeons have their own optional bosses. This guide will help you defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Malenia Blade of Miquella Location

Malenia is one of the hidden bosses in Elden Ring. She can be found at Elpheal, Brace of the Haligtree. This is a secret castle at the base of Haligtree.

To even get to this castle, you need to complete Leyndell, Royal Capitol and reach the Forbidden lands. Here, you need to get access to the Grand Lift of Rold. At the grand Lift, use the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

The medallion itself is a huge chore. The medallion is split into two parts, and you need to combine them to get the full medallion.

The right part of the medallion is in the Village of Albinaurics. Head into the tunnel that leads beneath the mountains.

Here, you can find a few pots roaming around. Kill a few of them until the bigger pot comes out to fight. Kill it and it will drop the right half of the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

The left half of the medallion is in Castle Sol. It is at the end of this dungeon after you defeat the dungeon boss.

Malenia Blade of Miquella Recommended Level and Weaknesses

It is highly recommended that you are at least level 120 before taking on Malenia, Blade of Miquella. You should also bring weapons and spells that excel in dealing frostbite and hemorrhage as Malenia is incredibly weak to that damage type.

Malenia Blade of Miquella Attacks and Counters

Waterfowl Dance

Melania will leap into the air before slashing her way towards you. The number of slashes will increase as she nears you. She will then come back to the ground to perform the final slash.

Make sure to block the first few slashes and then roll twice. Move toward her when she is above you and once she starts flying, move back to dodge the remaining slashes.


Malenia will come charging at you and get off the ground when she is close to you. Then she will do a 180-degree turn and kick you from behind.

To counter this attack, you can roll forward and then keep your distance from her.

Prosthesis Attack

She will shorten her blade to do three rapid attacks, followed by a massive horizontal slash that will end up healing her.

Take note that Malenia will only perform this attack if she’s holding her blade to her right or the player’s left if they are looking at her. Hence, if you see her switching hands, you’ll know to expect an attack.

Sweeping Combo Attack

Malenia will sometimes perform sweeping strikes and end with a downward strike.

You just need to roll back and dodge.

Flying Sweep

In this attack, Malenia will get up in the air and come charging at you followed by a thrust attack and stab. You can dodge it by rolling backward.

Scarlett Explosion

Malenia will get up in the air and slam the ground to cause an explosion that does Scarlett Rot.

To counter this attack, you can roll in any direction to avoid the slam. If you’re unsure whether you’re safe, you can roll again.

Phantom Spirits

She will leap into the air and just like mimic tier, will send four ghost versions of herself to attack you. You can dodge the attack by moving in the opposite direction of where each ghost lands.

Scarlett Aeonia

She will summon a giant flower that will explode near you. Just roll back until the explosion fades away.

Arc Slash

Malenia will leap into the air and then land for a stab. You can roll through the stab and hit her when you get close to her.

How to Defeat Malenia Blade of Miquella in Elden Ring

Once you make it through the area of Elpheal, you will face Malenia at the end.

Malenia has two phases in the fight. Most of the attacks here are basic slashes. She can retreat whilst attacking, making it hard to get an opening to attack her.

She has two dashes for closing distance, but both of these are well telegraphed and can be avoided by dodging to the sides, not back.

For her first phase, all her attacks heal her for 200-300 damage. This means that the first phase is a tug of war, where both, the Tarnished and Malenia try to best each other without getting hit.

She also has a grab attack that deals massive damage. Even with high physical defense, this single attack can easily one-shot you at low health.

Malenia has very low Poise and can easily be staggered with a strong enough weapon during the fight. Strength weapons are at a huge advantage against her.

Once you manage to kill her, she will revive with 80% of her total health. This is the second phase of the fight. Here, she will start by levitating up and getting ready to use her slam AoE attack.

In the second phase, Malenia will inflict Scarlet Rot with every hit she lands. Her attacks become more powerful and faster.

A new attack that she gains in this phase is the slam. Similar to her first move, she will jump and slam on the ground dealing an initial physical AoE, followed by an explosion that also inflicts Scarlet Rot.

Malenia also has low Poise in the second phase, but don’t try punishing her slams too hard as she will hurt your overextensions.

Malenia Blade of Miquella Drops

After defeating Melania, Blade of Miquella, you will get Melania’s Great Rune and Remembrance of the Rot Goddess from the body loot. The Remembrance can be exchanged with Enia at Roundtable Hold for Hand of Malenia or Scarlet Aeonia.

How to Cheese Melania Blade of Miquella

As soon as you enter the boss arena, run to the back of the room. Climb to the top of the rocks which are hidden behind the tree roots. Use Agheel’s Flame Incantation while climbing which will help you propel to the top.

Phase 1

We will be using the Fallingstar Beast Jaw as our weapon. Due to our high ground, every attack launched will reach her. You only have to press L2 over and over again.

She will only reach you by using two moves that can easily be blocked using a decent shield. The only move with which she can reach you is her swooping combo attack. This attack can easily be recognized when she lifts off the ground.

The other move that she can hit you is an upward slice. You can easily recognize that attack and this can be blocked by Gravity Bolt. These are the only two moves that she has for phase one of the fight. A cutscene will begin phase one will end.

Phase 2

After the cutscene, you will be teleported off the rock and back onto the floor. The first attack of phase two will be the Scarlett Rot explosion. You can run underneath her and back to the rock which we were at phase one of the fight.

You need to use Warhawk as you summon because of the agility. Once you are at top of the rock, the strategy is the same as before, but you need to activate the shield as more of her attacks will reach you this time.

You can mix Speckled hard tier into your flask for extra strength. You can avoid the Scarlett Rot by jumping off the rock and luring her to the other side of the arena and running back to the rock again.

Malenia Blade of Miquella Lore

Melania is an empyrean born from Queen Marika. From birth, Melania was afflicted with Scarlett Rot despite being the daughter of a god and having the full power of the Golden Seal.

People saw Melania as a prophet and a potential goddess because she was the daughter of demi-god King Radagon and she had the Scarlett Rot, which wished to break free inside her body. However, she turned away the call of the rot and chose to protect her brother instead.

Melania’s body eventually started to rot which was when her brother gifted her Valkyrie’s Prosthesis. The rot took away her right arm and both her eyes.

The knights which followed her came to be known as Cleanrot Knights. These knights were the most fearsome.

She humiliated Godrick the Grafted in the battle of Limgrave. When she unleashed the Scarlett Ionia, it bloomed. This act inflicted her brother Radon with Scarlett Rot.

Malenia’s Great Rune

After you have defeated the Melania, head towards Isolated Merchant Shack. From there you need to travel towards the tower of return. There will be a chest at the top of the tower that will send you to the area called Divine Bridge.

There you will find a teleporter that will bring you to the Isolated Divine Tower. At this place, you can activate Malenia’s Great Rune. It recovers HP after damage is taken.

It can be used when you are close to the enemy so the best combination is to attach this to any dex weapon which is quick to defend the counter-attacks.

Malenia’s Armor Set

After defeating the Malenia Blade of Miquella, you can find this armor in the purchase section when you go to the Finger Reader Ania.  It includes four items and they will cost a total of 56000 Runes.

Armor includes Melania’s Winged Helm (12000 runes), Melania’s Armour (20000 runes), Melania’s Gauntlet (12000 runes), and Melania’s Greaves (12000 runes).

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