Dragon’s Dogma 2 Halls Of The First Dawn: How To Evacuate Everyone

Complete the Unmoored World main quest, Hall of the First Dawn, and get the True Ending in DD2.

The Halls of the First Dawn is a main quest that starts when you enter the Unmoored World in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To reach this point, you must first progress in the Legacy quest and decide to fight the dragon. However, while the Dragon is flying you to the battle area, you need to use the Empowered Godsbane Blade to kill yourself, triggering the true ending of the game.

The Halls of the First Dawn starts once you are reunited with your pawn in the Unmoored World. You must complete this quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to get the true ending. The first thing you should do in it is travel to the Seafloor Shrine, take out Skeletons and Zombies, and talk to Rothais.


The enemies in the way can drop many Ferrystones, so take them out. Ensure you activate the Portcrystal at the Seafloor Shrine, as will need to travel here a lot. This portcrystal will also activate the portcrystals in Sacred Arbor and Agamen Volcanic Island.

After Rothais summons the other Arisen, speak with Luz, and you will be tasked with evacuating major towns and leading them to the shrine. To complete this, you actually have to evacuate five settlements, each with its own side quests that you need to start.

Civil Unrest – Evacuate Bakbattahl

There are two reasons to visit Bakbattahl: first, to start the Civil Unrest quest to evacuate the people there; The first one is that it is closest to the Seafloor Shrine, and the second one is that you might be unable to talk to Menella if you complete the other evacuation quests first.

Travel to the Oxcart Stop in Bakbattahl to start Civil Unrest. On the road to the Flamebearer Palace, Menella is trying to solve a dispute. Talk to her, and you will be tasked with resolving three disputes around Bakbattahl.

All are pretty close, and locations are marked on the map, so head to them and solve these. One will require you to witness a fight; in the other, you must let them beat you. The last dispute can be solved by giving food to the child.

After solving the disputes, you can return to Menella, who will ask you to meet Nadinia. Head to her chamber, which is marked on the map. Simply talking to her will complete the quest, and the evacuation of Battahl will start.


Taking out the Purgener Dragons in all these quests is optional, but you can do them to stop the red storm and unlock The Hero achievement.

The Regentkin’s Resolve – Evacuate Vermund

After Bakbattahl, you can travel to Vermund’s capital city, Vernworth, and meet Captain Brant in the Stardrop Inn. This will start The Regentkin’s Resolve quest in DD2. This quest requires you to visit Sven in his chamber first and talk to him to start the evacuation of Vernworth.

Bring his mother from the corner chamber and head to the Oxcart Station to secure some Oxcarts for the evacuation. Scaring off Allard or talking to the merchant will complete your objective.

After this, return to Sven and inform him to start the evacuation and complete “the Regentkin’s Resolve” side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Wandering Roots – Evacuate Sacred Arbor

To start the Wandering Roots side quest, you must meet Prince Glyndwr close to the entrance. After the conversation, the prince will take you to Taliesin, his father. If you have helped out the elves before, they will agree to evacuate. If not, keep returning to Taliesin for three days, and he will eventually agree.

He will give you an Arborheart Cutting piece to plant in the Seafloor Shrine. Use the ferrystone to travel quickly to the Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal, which I asked you to activate earlier.

Plant the Arborheart Cutting in the marked area and report to Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This will complete the quest, and evacuation will start.

The Importance of Aiding Ernesto – Evacuate Volcanic Island Camp

To start the side quest and evacuate Agamen Volcanic Island, you must fast-travel to Portcrystal in Volcanic Island Camp and speak with Ernesto. You can find him at the northern gates. He will explain that convincing Gautstafr and Cliodhna will help.

This starts The Importance of Aiding Ernesto side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Meet Clidohna and Gautstafr at Windwalker’s Home and then bring them to Volcanic Island Camp. Thanks to the removal of all the water in the area, your path is pretty straight forward.

Once both of them are at the camp, talk to Ernesto. He will ask you to convince Lamond to evacuate as well. Talk to Lamond and tell him to guard the smith (Gautstafr) and his wife (Cliodhna). Once he agrees, The Importance of Aiding Ernesto will end.

Shepherd of the Pawns – Evacuate Excavation Site

This quest starts at the entrance of the Excavation Site by talking to Henrique. You can find him at the entrance, so assist him in taking out the Golem. After this, in the Shepherd of the Pawns quest, follow Henrique and talk to Pawns, but they refuse to evacuate.

Take the Overseers’ Lodge Key from the guard and open the house near the Inn. Collect the Diminished Godsway from the floor and return to cells so all pawns can evacuate. This will complete the last evacuation quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, in which you must complete the main quest for the Halls of the First Dawn.


After the Halls of the First Dawn quest, you should buy all high-end gear from the vendors at Seafloor Shrine before triggering the final sequence at the red portal. These gear items will prove highly useful for your New Game+ adventure.

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