Dragon’s Dogma 2 Shepherd Of The Pawns: How To Evacuate Excavation Site

Help the captured pawns and evacuate the Excavation site in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The excavation site is the same area where you began your playthrough as the Arisen, so now you will need to help the NPCs present here. To evacuate this area before the red fog consumes it, you must complete the Shepherd of the Pawns side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

You can obtain this quest by visiting the Excavation area at the southeast end of the Unmoored World after starting the Halls of the First Dawn main quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2. To enter the excavation area, make sure to take the path north from the Agamen Ruins Ropeway Station.


Since the Excavation Site is near the Volcanic Island Camp, I would recommend evacuating both the Island Camp and the Excavation Site in one go rather than going to other places first. You will also run into the dead body of Gigantus, Talos, on the path between Volcanic Island Camp and Excavation Site and approaching the body will also unlock the I, Talos achievement.

Once you approach the main gates of the Excavation Site/Agamen Ruins, you will find Henrique fighting a giant golem. You can assist him alongside your pawns in defeating this monster. After you have dealt with this monster, you can speak with Henrique, who will thank you for saving him. This will start the quest automatically.

Aid in the Pawns Evacuation

Henrique will state that the situation has worsened and will accompany you with the evacuation. But the other pawns won’t be able to join in on this effort in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Henrique will then ask you to follow him to a cave filled with prisons for keeping pawns. Along the way, he will share the history of the excavation site, a jail for captured pawns. Henrique has a soft spot for these captured pawns and thinks it would be cruel to leave them behind.

You will hear the captured Pawns stating they were ordered to stay here. Henrique will then deduce that it was the Overseer’s doing as he used an artifact called the Godsway to command the captured pawns to protect him.

Henrique will then ask you to look around and search for the artifact or the Overseer to dispel his command and free the pawns.

Use the Overseer’s Lodge key to unlock the door

After your conversation ends, you will receive the Overseer’s Lodge Key, which you can use to explore that place. This particular key allows you to exit the cave and unlock all the locked houses in the Excavation area.

Upon reaching the area where you first met Henrique, turn right and head towards the stone house. Unlock it to enter the house, and then open the crates present there to get Detoxifying Decoction (x1) and Dried Sprout (x1) during your Dragon’s Dogma 2 Shepherd of the Pawns playthrough.

You can head up the stairs on your right side and check the House there. It will be locked, so use the Overseer’s Lodge key to unlock it. Inside, you will find the Overseer’s dead body. The Diminished Godsway will be next to him, so you can collect it and report your findings to Henrique.

Hand over the Diminished Godsway to Henrique

Upon learning that the Overseer in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is dead, Henrique will remark that he can get the pawns to safety. However, you can make this task much easier for him by giving him the Diminished Godsway.

He will be thankful for your efforts and immediately start the evacuation process. This way, Henrique can guide all the pawns to refuge without delay.

By completing this objective, the quest Shepherd of the Pawn in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be marked complete, and you will get the following rewards: Wyrmslife Crystals (x30), Gold (x15,000), and XP (x20,000).

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