Where To Find More Portcrystals In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Place the Portcrystals around the map so you can Fast Travel anywhere.

To get the most out of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 fast travel mechanic, you must find as many Portcrystals as possible. While there are two permanent portcrystals in Vernworth and Harve Village, there are actually ways through which you can get more portcrystals to expand your fast-travel network.

In addition to these two permanent ones available from the start, you can get three more permanent ones, but much later in the game. This means you must rely on the portable Portcrystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for most of the gameplay.

If you are having trouble finding the locations of the fixed and the portable Portcystals, don’t worry; we will help you find them. We will even guide you on where these should be placed so you have a lot easier time while traveling anywhere on the map.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Portcrycal locations  

Unlocking more portcrystals will allow you to fast-travel to a number of places, thus reducing the time you travel on foot or ride an oxcart. As mentioned before, there are just two permanent portcrystals in Vernworth and in Harve Village.

Later, as you progress, you will discover three more portcrystals in the Unmoored World, the area you go to for the true ending of Dragon’s Dogma 2. These Unmoored World portcrystals can be found in

  • Agamen Volcanic Island
  • Sacred Arbor
  • Seafloor Shrine

Once you have found reusable portcrystals, or discovered the permanent ones, you can use the Ferrystones you have found so far to teleport to these locations in an instant. Portable portcrystals can be dropped at any location on the map and then picked up again should you wish to change locations.


If you are not in the mood to find portcrystals in-game, you can also purchase one for $2.99 from the Steam/Xbox/PSN stores.

Portcrystal #1 – Vernworth

To find this one, you must travel to the center of Vernworth. You will find this purple stone behind the Grand Riftstone of Vermund building. Interact with it to activate it as a fast travel point.

Portcrystal #2 – Harve Village

The second fixed Portcrystal is at Harve Village, right at the cliff’s edge next to the ocean. You will find an old fisherman’s shack near the Stormwind Cave. The portcrystal is next to the fisherman’s shack. You can even find a Ferrystone in the shack.

The map below shows the exact location so you can find this portcrystal easily.

Portcrystal #3 – Misty Marshes

You must head to the Misty Marshes and find the Forested Griffin’s Nest to get your hands on the first Portable Portcrystal in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Travel to the location as shown on the map.

To reach the nest, which is on a ledge in the middle of the mountain, you will need to do some rock climbing. Defeat the Griffin and you will get a reusable portcrystal that you can put down anywhere.

Portcrystal #4 – Feast of Deception quest

While doing the Vernworth storyline, you will receive a main quest called Feast of Deception. Completing this quest will complete the storyline and reward you with the Portcystals.

Portcrystal #5 – Trial of Archery

This Portcrystal for fast traveling is a reward for completing a side quest called A Trial of Archery. However, before getting and completing this quest, you must complete the Gift of the Bow side quest.

Head to Roderick’s Smithy location, as shown on the map, and talk to the elf Glyndwr in front of it. Continue his questline, and you will be rewarded with a reusable portcrystal.

Portcrystal #6 – Mountain Shrine

Solving the Sphinx’s riddles can also lead you to reusable portcrystal. The Sphinx is located above the Misty Marshes in the Mountain Shrine.

Once there, enter it, interact with the Sphinx, and solve the Riddle of Madness. To solve the Riddle of Madness in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must put your main Pawn on the circular rock table in front of the Sphinx. After exhausting the dialogues, one of the chests behind the Sphinx will unlock, and it will contain the Portcrystal you are looking for.


Make sure you save before attempting any of the Sphinx’s riddles. If you fail one, you will need to start a new game to attempt the riddle again.

Portcrystal #7 – Sphinx Riddle

After getting the first Portcystal from the Sphinx, you can accept the next riddle, the Riddle of Conviction. For this riddle, the Sphinx will ask you for an item that she can duplicate for you. Simply select the Portcystal you got as a reward from the last riddle to get another one.

She will return the offered Portcrystal, and you can collect the other from the chest behind her. You can complete this riddle once playthrough, so you can’t repeat it to get more Portcrystals. The duplicate Portcystal you get from the Sphinx is fully functional, unlike the one you can get from Ibrahim at the Checkpoint Rest Town.

Portcrystal #8 – Bay Wayside Shrine

This one is purchasable from the Bay Wayside Shrine. It is located north of Bakbattahl, and the map will help you reach it. Follow the wooden path to enter the cave and interact with the NPC.

Select the option to Trade an item, and you can purchase the Portcrystal in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for 20 WLC. To get the Wyrmslife Crystals, you must defeat dragons you encounter throughout your gameplay. You can also get the Ferrystone from the same NPC by spending 3 WLC.

Where should you place the Portable Portcrystals

The locations where you should place these should be chosen wisely so you can quickly cover most areas of the maps. We believe you should put one at Bakabattahl, the capital city of Battahl. There are no Portcrystals in that area, and you will visit that location often, so placing one there is a good choice.

You should also put a portcrystal near the Sphinx so you can get to her whenever you want and solve her riddles to complete A Game Of Wits quest. The climb up to the Sphinx is deadly, so it is best to avoid it every time you are going to solve a riddle.

Portcrystals will help you during quests where you need to do a lot of back-and-forth or while solving riddles.

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