Dragon’s Dogma 2 The Regentkin’s Resolve: How To Evacuate Vermund

Help in starting the evacuation of Vermund in Dragon's Dogma 2's Unmoored World.

The Regentkin’s Resolve in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a side quest and one of the five excavation quests you are tasked with during the True ending of the game. You will get The Regentkin’s Resolve quest while progressing in the Halls of the First Dawn main quest, the quest chain available in the Unmoored World.

Once you have reached the Seafloor Shrine in the Unmoored World of Dragon’s Dogma 2 and spoken with Rothais, you will meet previous Arisens. When you speak to Luz here, she will inform you about the impending danger. You will be tasked with going to the main settlements you have visited in the past and asking their residents to evacuate.

You only have about 10-12 days to evacuate all the areas before the world ends, so make sure you don’t rest excessively or waste time traveling on foot.


Most of the locations you need to go to have Portcrystals that you can fast-travel to while other portcrystals you should place yourself before starting the Legacy main quest as that is a point of no return. This will save you a few days, giving you enough time to defeat the Purgener Dragons.

The quicker you do the excavation quests, the more people you will be able to save. There is no fixed order in which you have to complete these Evacuation quests. However, I will recommend evacuating the areas near Purgener Dragons first, as defeating those dragons can slow down the storm. Otherwise, the storm will cover the area, and you will be unable to save those people. The areas you save will determine the people you see in the ending cutscene.

To start The Regentkin’s Resolve quest, you must meet Captain Brant. As always, head to the Stardrop Inn at night and meet Brant there. Talking to him will eventually trigger the quest and Brant will ask for your help to convince Regentkin Sven to issue an order for evacuation of Vernworth.

Meet Sven in the Vernworth Castle

To meet Sven, you must head to his Chamber in the castle. You have already visited him multiple times, so you must know where to go. This time, no guards will attempt to stop you, so you can go in without extra preparations.

Once you get to Sven, talk to him, and he will request you to aid him in the evacuation. Sven will need your help in arranging oxcarts for the old and sick as well as convincing his mother, Disa, to evacuate. Ever since the False Sovran died and Disa’s plans failed, she seems to have barricaded herself in her chambers and won’t talk to anyone.

Disa’s room is on the same level as Sven so before leaving the castle to arrange oxcarts, should consider completing this objective first. The map above shows exactly where Disa’s Chambers are.

All you need to do is head out of the Regentkin Sven chamber in Dragon’s Dogma 2, follow the straight path to the opposite side, and enter the Disa’s chambers. You must have already visited in Disa’s plot quest. If not, the map will help you reach it easily.

Bring Disa to Sven

Once you have entered Disa’s chambers, a little cutscene will start. She assumes you are here to kill her and says she won’t beg for her life, so you are free to do as you wish. All you need to do is grab Disa and carry her back to Sven’s room. She does try to resist, but the distance is short, so if you run back, she won’t manage to escape from you.

Once back in the Royal chambers, Sven will start talking to her, and you are free to leave and look for oxcarts to complete the evacuation of Vermund in Dragon’s Dogma 2.


There are different but evil options here as well, but these have no effect on the ending. Instead of taking Disa to Sven, you can choose to kill her or pick up the Ornate Box from her chamber and take it to Sven. Feel free to do whatever you want and how you wish to roleplay.

Secure the Oxcarts at the West Vernworth Oxcart Station

Events will play out a bit differently at the Oxcart station depending on which side quests you completed before reaching the Unmoored World. If you have completed Wilhemina’s romance quests, Every Rose has its Thorn; you can talk to the merchant next to the Oxcarts to secure them for evacuation.

If you haven’t completed that quest, you will meet Allard here. Allard has purchased all the oxcarts to carry his valuables and refuses to give them to you. To fix this problem, take out your way when standing in front of him and then start walking towards him. Allard gets scared and runs away. Talk to the Oxcart merchant again and now the carts are yours.

Report back to Sven to inform him about the evacuation

Once you have secured the Oxcarts, you are just one step away from completing The Regentkin’s Resolve in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Head back to the Royal Chambers in Vernworth Castle, where you will find that Sven has finally reconciled with his mother. Disa’s intentions were never bad, but Sven misunderstood her.

Report to Sven that you have finished the preparations, which will start Vermund’s evacuation. You will get the x35 Wyrmslife Crystal, 25000 G, and 20000 XP for completing The Regentkin’s Resolve quest. Once that is done, you are free to fast travel to any other portcrystal and complete another evacuation quest. I recommend Wandering Roots to evacuate Sacred Arbor as that is the closest area.


There is a Purgener Dragon near Vernworth, and you might want to consider defeating it if you think you have enough time. This will allow you to earn The Hero achievement as well as slow down the red storm. For me, however, it was the most frustrating and time-consuming brine dragon to reach and defeat, as there were a lot of undead enemies and a Wight on the way.

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