Dragon’s Dogma 2 Civil Unrest: How To Evacuate Bakbattahl

First, start the evacuation of Battahl in Dragon's Dogma 2.

The Civil Unrest quest is an evacuation side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that I recommend you complete first. In this quest, you will have to evacuate the residents of Battahl, although just the city of Bakbattahl, to be precise. You must complete Civil Unrest if you want full completion of the Halls of First Dawn quest and earn The Guardian achievement.

This long main quest in the Unmoored World eventually leads you to the true ending in Dragon’s Dogma 2. During this, once you have talked to Rothais and other Arisens at the Seafloor Shrine, you will have to visit different settlements like Bakbattahl and Sacred Arbor and need to convince its residents to evacuate to the safety of the Seafloor Shrine.

Since Bakbattahl is the closest location to the Seafloor Shrine, I would recommend going there first and starting its evacuation. If you have portcrystals already placed in major areas, then it doesn’t really matter which area of Dragon’s Dogma 2 you evacuate first.


A bug can prevent you from starting the Civil Unrest quest if you get there after completing the other evacuation quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Using a Wakestone to revive Menella at the Morgue and resting seems to work for some players, but it is not a guaranteed solution, so I recommend completing Civil Unrest before other evacuation quests.

To start the quest, you must travel to the marked location on the map. It is close to the Oxcarts on the road to the Flamebearer Palace. Once you get there, you can spot Menella trying to settle a dispute. Talk to her, and this will start the Civil Unrest quest.

Menella tells you that the citizens of Bakbattahl are on edge and she asks for your help to calm them down and settle their disputes before evacuations can begin.

How to settle the disputes in Bakbattahl and start the evacuation

You will see four markers on the map. Three are for disputes, and one location is where you can meet Menella after settling the disputes. Let’s start by discussing how you should resolve the disputes quickly so more people in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can evacuate.


The way you end the disputes does not affect the quest’s outcome, but it is still better to handle them well. If you don’t follow my guide, you may see a slight reward change.

Resolve the first dispute at the Vocation Guild

Head to the Vocation guild close to you, and you will witness a duel between Nabrah and Scario. Simply Agree to bear witness, and they will start the duel. They will eventually grow tired after about 45 seconds and compliment each other. After this, they will move away, and you can go to solve the second dispute.


If you don’t want to sit on the sidelines, you can intervene and defeat them both. They will realize how weak they are compared to you and agree to settle down.

Resolve the Dispute at Central Marketplace

Once you have resolved the first dispute, you can move to the marketplace. Here, you will witness two NPCs, Nomos and Glintt, arguing with each other in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Their children will be right behind them, scared of the argument.

Head to them and select “Neither of you are wrong” when prompted. After this, share non-rotten food with the child, and this will actually settle the dispute. He will promise you to share it, and seeing this, the fathers will eventually stop quarreling and move on their way.


Just like any other dispute in Civil Unrest, showing your iron fist and beating up the NPCs will “resolve” this dispute as well, should you wish to take a different route. However, keep in mind that at this point the Civil Unrest quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 updates with the message that you did not resolve the dispute. So your rewards will be affected but you can still complete the quest.

Resolve the Dispute at Rare Book Stand

You must move a little north toward the Rare Book Stand to resolve the third dispute and begin Bakbattahl’s evacuation. Two NPCs, Grant and Abba, want to start a fight here. To solve the dispute, let them hit you for a while.

You can hit back, but taking the hits is a good way, as they will get tired in a few seconds. This will resolve the conflict, and now it is time for you to head back to Menella in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Once you head back to her and talk, she will give you a Ferrystone as a reward and ask you to speak to Empress Nadinia.

Go to Nadinia’s Chambers in The Flamebearer Palace

To complete the Civil Unrest and start the evacuation of Bakbattahl residents, you must head to the Flamebearer Palace. Follow the map below to reach Nadinia Chambers and talk to her. This will start the evacuation of Battahl in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Completing this quest and solving the disputes in the way I recommend will reward you with x35 Wyrmslife Crystals, 20000 G, Allheal Elixir, and 20000 XP.

Once you are done with this side quest, you could move to the evacuation of Vermund and start The Regentkin’s Resolve quest by talking to Brant in Vernworth.

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