Dragon’s Dogma 2 Legacy Walkthrough: Best Choices

Embark on the Final Quest Legacy and unlock the true ending in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Legacy is your final quest during your Dragon’s Dogma 2 playthrough. During this quest, you must face the false Sovran and the Dragon in the final confrontation. In short, Legacy is an essential quest because you will make many choices that will influence the ending of your Arisen.

To start the final quest, Legacy, you must get to a particular area. This will happen to be the Moonglint Tower in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Before reaching this place, you should make sure to complete the quest The Guardian Gigantus because you can miss out on completing it after initiating the final quest.

Moreover, it is highly recommended that you rest before embarking on the final quest once you reach the base area of the Moonglint Tower. You must equip your best weapons, pawns, and other support items (curatives, elixirs) to keep you alive and kicking during your final battle.

Once you are ready, you can enter the elevator, which will take you to the upper portion of the Moonglint Tower. Follow the path directly to the arena to encounter Phaseus and his men.

Fight the False Sovran

Once you enter the arena, a short cutscene will occur. In it, Phaseus can be seen with the False Sovran performing the ritual in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Legacy quest. Upon seeing you, the False Sovran will summon his controlled pawns to attack you. These pawns will be from different vocations, and you should not take them lightly.

You should watch out for the archer pawns during the fight, as they shoot at you frequently. Their attacks can easily stun you and leave you vulnerable to enemy hits, so always use your shield. Moreover, avoid fighting the female warrior pawn, who can be identified easily as she will be the one holding the large mace.

Her attacks are deadly, and taking a couple of hits from her will quickly drain your health. Remember that you don’t need to kill all the enemies. You need to hold on for a minute or two; another cutscene will trigger.

Phaseus will exclaim that the ritual is complete as the skies shift their color, and a lesser drake will emerge from the clouds in Dragon’s Dogma 2. According to him, this will be the Royce Dragon, and he will state that by his power, the dogma of the dragon is unmade.

The lesser drake rallies behind Phaseus, but suddenly, an enormous Dragon appears out of the skies, crushing the smaller dragon that emerged earlier. Now that Phaseus’s plan has failed, he will curse you before passing out in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Face the Dragon and make your choice

The entire game has been leading up to this as you are now face to face with the main Dragon, the one who made you Arisen. The Dragon appears holding the NPC whom you have the highest affinity with (for me it was Ulrika).

At this point, the Dragon gives you two choices. Your choice at this moment will determine which ending you get for Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The first choice is to sacrifice the NPC with which you have the highest affinity and walk away. You won’t fight the dragon but you will still gain the throne and become the ruler of Vermund.

If you select the first choice by leaving that area, you will lose the one you love the most, and this specific ending will be considered a bad ending in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Legacy quest. You will assume the throne, but the game will give you the message to reload from your last save point. This means you must make the second choice during this final quest.

Best choice to make during Legacy quest

In my opinion, the best option here would be to go with the second choice, as it would be to stay in that area and fight the Dragon. If you want to make this choice, you can attack the dragon’s right claw once, triggering this choice with a cutscene.

During that cutscene, the Dragon will ask you to get on its back as it flies you to the battlefield area for your final fight.

You can ride the dragon, and it will speak with you along the way. Once you reach the arena, you can listen to the Dragon’s conversation and jump on the ground. You won’t be fighting this final boss fight alone, as your pawns will join in on your final battle.

While riding the dragon, there is a second choice that can take you to the true ending. I have covered it separately at the end so things don’t get missed. Here, I’m just sticking with the good ending.

Defeat the Dragon in Dragon’s Dogma 2 Legacy

Defeating this large Dragon is difficult; you must understand its attacks first. This way, you can use an effective strategy to beat it. Like other dragons in the game, you can observe that this Dragon has six life circles beneath his health meter. You must deplete the Dragon’s health six times to defeat it.

Some of the Dragon’s attacks will be similar to those of most of the drakes you have faced earlier during your playthrough. The Dragon will use its fiery breath to significantly damage you and your pawns. To avoid this attack, you must maintain some distance and take cover immediately or move to the other side.

Moreover, if you are fighting the Dragon at close range, you must watch for its claw attack. Remember that once this enemy boss takes a few hits from you, it will jump into the air momentarily and immediately land to inflict a huge body slam attack on you and your pawns.

Lastly, the Dragon can also conjure up magic attacks, and it will use its left claw. During this process, you will see small rings forming around its claw, so make sure to change your position immediately to avoid getting hit by this attack.


You should bring curatives, such as Allheal Elixir, which can restore your health and pawns in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Methods to fight the Dragon

Now that you know the Dragon’s attacks, you can use two methods to defeat it. The first practical method will be to use the ballistas present in the area to target the weak points. These will be the head, the lower section of the neck, and the heart area. Targeting these weak areas is crucial to effectively bring down the Dragon’s health during this boss fight in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

However, it is highly recommended that you move around once you can hit the Dragon with a successful shot. If you stay in one area, the Dragon will use its fiery breath to knock you down and destroy the ballista.

However, a ton of Ballistas are present in that area, so use your pawns to attack and distract the Dragon and get your aim to land effective shots on this enemy boss.


If you are running a Magick Archer build, you can use the weapon skill Martyr’s Bolt to target the dragon’s weak areas.

The second strategy to deplete the Dragon’s health is to climb onto its massive body from the back side via its tail. Once you do that, you can go up to its head section. Stand between its horns and start spamming the melee attacks on that section. This will deplete a large portion of the Dragon’s health.

You will do this a couple of times; this way, you can temporarily stun the Dragon, causing it to fall to the ground. Then, you can target the Dragon’s heart area with some powerful attacks. You can use both attacking strategies effectively and defeat the Dragon relatively quickly during the Final boss fight in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

After defeating the Dragon, a long cutscene will roll along with the end credits, where the town’s folk will have gathered to cheer you. Captain Brant will be seen welcoming you along with his soldiers, and you will regain control as the rightful ruler at the Vernworth Castle in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

During the coronation ceremony, you can reach the throne, sit on it, and let the credits roll. This is a good ending for your playthrough, and you can then access the New Game+ mode.

Use the Empowered Godsbane Blade to unlock True Ending

On the other hand, if you are interested in unlocking the hidden true ending of Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can reload from an earlier save. This way, once you reach the ending sequence, you can look around instead of sitting on the throne and find the Pathfinder among the crowd in the hall.

Speak with The Pathfinder, and he will offer you another ending by sending you back to the point where you were riding the Dragon to reach the final battle area. Climb the dragon’s back and reach its chest, where the heart is glowing. Once there, open your inventory and use the Empowered Godsbane Blade.

Your character will automatically hold the Empowered Godsbane Blade, and you will have the prompt to use it on yourself. If you want the true ending to Dragon’s Dogma 2, use the blade on yourself. A cutscene plays out where you stab yourself with the blade, and both you and the dragon fall down into the sea.

After another cutscene, you see the Dragon’s Dogma II title card (for the first time) and wake up in the Unmoored Land. You will receive a notification that you have completed the Dragon’s Dogma 2 final main quest, Legacy, and you will gain access to newer quests, including Dreams Apart, Halls of the First Dawn, etc.

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