Diablo 4 Hive Dungeon Guide

The Hive dungeon is a medium-sized map ruled by spiders in Diablo 4, which should have been evident from its name alone.

The Hive dungeon is a medium-sized map ruled by spiders in Diablo 4, which should have been evident from its name alone.

The linear layout of this dungeon makes it perfect for farming XP in Diablo 4. When running nightmare dungeons, get yourself some sigils and spam the Hive several times for a massive pile of gear and gold.

Hive location in Diablo 4

Hive is located in the Highland Wilds of the Scosglen in Diablo 4, just on the south side of the Shrouded Moors. This sub-region contains multiple dungeons like Whispering Pines and Maddux Watch.

The map location and best route to the Hive dungeon in Diablo 4.

The fastest route to the Hive dungeon would be starting from the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint and moving southeast through the pathway.

You will come across an extensive area you must go past, and here you might encounter some small enemies. However, you can ignore them to pursue your original goal.

At the end of the large area, you will find your path diverging into a few routes. You need to move left to encounter the Hive dungeon in Diablo 4.


The waypoint and dungeon will unlock when you progress enough in your Scosglen story.

Hive completion rewards

The completion of Hive dungeon for the first time rewards you with a few items in Diablo 4. Firstly, you will receive +30 Renown, which will help you claim the regional bonuses after stocking up the required amount of Renowns.

Additionally, you will receive the offensive Aspect of Swelling Curse in your Codex of Power. This legendary aspect is class specific and is only used by Necromancer in D4.

The aspect allows you to deal additional damage based on the distance traveled. So more distance traveled means dealing up to 25 percent extra damage to your enemies.

Hive dungeon walkthrough in Diablo 4

You need to make your way through the stingers’ loaded corridors to collect some resources before facing the bodyguard to clear the Hive dungeon in Diablo 4.

Collect Animus

You need to explore the area of the dungeon to find the Elite enemies that carry Animus in D4. These monsters are scattered throughout the area, so take care of them to collect enough Animus and move toward the second area of the dungeon.

Here you will find yourself trapped inside a room, and the only way out is to eliminate each one of your enemies. After taking care of the enemies, you can move toward the boss in the last path of the dungeon.

Defeat Broodguard

You need to defeat Broodguard to complete your playthrough of Hive dungeon in D4. The boss will not pose much threat, but you need to watch out for the poison blobs that stay on the surface and can trap you.

The boss also summons spiders that reproduce more such species upon death. This can get a little risky as you need to take care of all the things at the same time. So you must use all the tools you have to get through the fight.

Barbarians are lucky in this regard, as the Way Cry buff makes them immune to the poison blobs. However, you should keep moving and landing powerful hits throughout the battlefield to win the fight.

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