How To Become An Oathbreaker Paladin In Baldur’s Gate 3

Oathbreaker paladin in Baldur's Gate 3 is a subclass who are the torch bearers of evil energy. In order to become one, you need to break certain oaths and do some unimaginable things in the game.

One of the highest ranking classes in BG3 is Paladin, and the reason behind it is the abilities associated with the Paladin subclass oaths. These abilities are a lot of fun to experiment with. Depending on the oath, the sub-classes are divided into three categories which include Oath of Ancients, Oath of Devotion, and Oath of Vengeance. However, you can also unlock one secret subclass for Paladins known as the Oathbreaker paladin in BG3. Oathbreaker is sort of a lawful evil Paladin character having his/her own dark abilities.

How to become an Oathbreaker Paladin in BG3

To become an Oathbreaker in BG3, you must take your Paladin out of the limits to make it an evil character by disobeying the oath. As mentioned earlier, Baldur’s Gate 3 Paladin class has three different paths to choose from, and all of them have different oath-breaking conditions according to their description.

Oath of Ancients

The Oath of Ancient Paladin subclass and its build protects nature against the evil of the dark and has the following beliefs

  • Kindle the Light
  • Shelter the Light
  • Preserve your own Light

In order to become an Oathbreaker for Ancients’ subclass of Paladins, you must do the following heinous acts.

Oath of Devotion

The Oath of Devotion Paladin subclass allows you to use wisdom to make quick judgments and kill evil without showing any mercy. They have the following beliefs

  • Fight the Greater Evil
  • No Mercy for the Wicked

If you have the Oath of Vengeance subclass of Paladin in BG3 you can perform the following acts to break the oath to become an Oathbreaker Paladin

  • Killing any weak person instead of defending
  • Instead of saving Liam, you can choose to torture him at the Shattered Sanctum
  • Allowing Arka to knock and kill Sazza in Emerald Grove
  • Killing the Tiefling who kept Lae’zel in the cage

Oath of Vengeance

The Oath of Vengeance Paladin subclass protects the community by defending the weak and chasing the strong and has the following beliefs

  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Duty

If you have the Oath of Devotion subclass of Paladin in BG3 you can perform the following acts to break the oath to become an Oathbreaker Paladin

  • Complete Save the Goblin Sazza quest and escort Sazza out of Emerald Grove
  • Bringing Mayrina’s husband Connor back
  • Complete the Avenge Glut’s Circle questline. Kill Sovereign Spaw and side with Sovereign Glut to lead the Myconid Colony.

Oathbreaker Paladin perks in BG3

Once you break any of the Paladin Oath by performing the aforementioned acts, the Oathbreaker Knight will appear and capture all your Paladin powers and abilities. He will also instruct you to have a chat with him at the camp.

Breaking the oath does not mean you are going to convert your character into an evil one. However, if you want, you can, but sometimes you need to perform it for good. You can always reclaim your oath from the Knight at the camp, albeit with a hefty cost of 1000 gold.

Instead of reclaiming the Oath, just ignore it. This way, you will become the Oathbreaker Paladin in BG3. This subclass does not have the Oath Charges abilities of the other subclasses rather it has some unique ones of its own.

After becoming the Oathbreaker, you will get the Spiteful Suffering at level 1. It also gives you additional 1d4 necrotic damage against enemies. At level 3, you can get the Control Undead and Dreadful Aspect actions, which help in controlling the undead creatures to obey and follow your orders along with frightening the enemies in your near vicinity. You will also get some special Oath spells as well at higher levels.

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