Should You Resurrect Mayrina’s Husband In Baldur’s Gate 3

The question arises with the wand in BG3, “Shall I resurrect Mayrina Husband?”. There are a few possibilities associated with this question.

One of Baldur’s Gate 3 major quests is Auntie Ethel’s questline. Auntie Ethel is a hag who feeds on poor people’s torment. Your first encounter with her would be at the South of Blighted Village. She had captured Mayrina who became desperate after her husband died and went to the witch asking to resurrect him in Baldur’s Gate 3. This will start the whole quest and you will be on your way to help Mayrina.

How to find Mayrina in BG3

First, you must go to Riverside Teahouse. There you will find Auntie Ethel and Mayrina. Auntie Ethel would be telling her to eat as she is pregnant, and she needs to eat. Then you talk with Auntie, and she will teleport Mayrina away and you have to chase them down.

You will notice that the fireplace is an illusion and after going in there, Ethel will show her true self. This will initiate a fight sequence where you would have to fight her multiple times and at multiple places. To enlist Mayrina in the fight against The Hag, tell her how Auntie Ethel killed both of his brothers earlier.

During the Ethel boss fight, if you damage Ethel enough, she will beg for her life. If you spare her, she will promise to give you anything in return. Selecting the “power” choice from the dialogue box will allow you to gain a strand of Auntie Ethel’s Hair. This will give you 1x ability points. However, you will end up disappointing Mayrina by failing to fulfill her only wish.

After defeating the Hag, Auntie Ethel, you should loot her workshop. There you will find many useful items including a wand named Bitter Divorce. The word Connor is engraved on the wand. This wand is uniquely made by Ethel to resurrect Mayrina’s dead husband in exchange for Mayrina’s baby.

Use the teleportation circle in the room to leave the place and you will spawn in the bog. You will also find Mayrina crying nearby over her dead husband’s coffin. Tell Mayrina that you can resurrect her husband using the wand.


Should you resurrect Mayrina’s husband in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The question arises after acquiring the wand, “Shall I revive the Husband?”. These are some of the possibilities associated with this question.

Breaking the wand: If you break the wand, Mayrina will be enraged as this was her only chance to resurrect her husband in BG3, but you didn’t help. She will become angry and will mourn for the entire game.

Reviving the husband: When you revive the husband, he won’t come out of death as you would have expected. He becomes a zombie and obeys the person who has the wand. Now you have two options.

  • Kill the husband: If you kill the husband again, Mayrina will become angry at you and will remain sad the whole game.
  • Hand over the wand: You can always give the wand to Mayrina to resurrect her dead husband in BG3. This way she can stay with her husband even though he has become a zombie. She promises to find a cure for her husband so they can live a normal life.

Keeping the wand: If you keep the wand, you will get to summon a minion that will help you in the battle. Mayrina will hate you for this.

Every method is tried and tested, and you may wonder which option is the best one to choose. In our opinion, we think it is the best course of action to let Mayrina have the wand. An undead in your party might sound interesting but the husband is actually quite weak and not worth the effort.

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