Baldur’s Gate 3 Circle Of The Land Druid Build And Subclass Guide

Circle of the Land Druid builds in Baldur's Gate 3 are nature's spellcasters, relying on different elemental spells instead of animal forms and shapeshifting.

The Circle of the Land subclass for Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3 heavily relies on wisdom as their primary ability. Circle of the Land is all about offensive spellcasting. As you increase your wisdom, you automatically improve your spellcasting abilities. Circle of the Land is also one of the best Jaheira builds in BG3.

Is Circle of the Land Druid any good in BG3?

Circle of the Land Druids are master spellcasters who drive their energy from nature. They are stewards of a particular terrain, which grants them protection and their offensive power in return. This is an offensive build with control over a vast array of devastating spells. No other druid build like Circle of the Moon or Circle of the Spores can match their attack prowess. 

However, Circle of the Land druids lack shapeshifting via the Wild Form feature, unlike Circle of the Moon. They are also very poor healers as compared to the Circle of Spores druids, thus requiring a support member in their party all the time.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Circle of the Land Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3

Class Druid – 
Sub-Class Circle of the Land – 
Race Wood Elf Wood Elf is best for playing as Druid Circle of the Land as this race has quite high racial speed and proficiencies in various useful equipment, which includes simple weapons, light and medium armor, and shields. Choosing this race will give Stealth checks proficiency bonus
Ability Points Distribution STR 12, CON 15+1, DEX 14, INT 8, CHA 9, WIS 17+2 – 
Skills Animal Handling, Survival, Insight, Perception, Nature, Religion – 

Best Background

The best background for the Druid Circle of the Land is Folk Hero as it provides Survival and Animal Handling skills. Both these skills scale with Wisdom, which is your main ability. You will gain a nice proficiency bonus if you choose the Folk Hero background for your Circle of the Land Druid in BG3.

Best Feats for Circle of the Land Druid build in Baldur’s Gate 3

You have the option to choose one feat after every four levels for your character. We have covered the best feats for you if you are playing as Circle of the Land Druid in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

Level Feat Unlocks 
Elemental Adept This feat can be used to neglect elemental resistance to damage of your choosing. Additionally, you will not be able to roll a 1 on Attack Rolls during the time when you cast spells of that specific element. 
War Caster It will maintain your concentration during the time when you are casting any spell that needs it. War Caster gives you the ability to cast your spells easily, even when your opponent attacks you. 
12 Ability Improvement Invest one ability point into Wisdom to max it out at 20. Invest the remaining ability point into the Constitution to increase your defense. 

Best Spells for Circle of the Land Druid build in BG3

Level Spells Description 
Hold Person, Spike Growth. Hold Person is a level 2 enchantment spell that allows you to hold any humanoid creature in its place. Any hit on these humanoids within 3m is critical. Spike Growth is a Baldur’s Gate 3 level 2 spell that lets you transform a patch of land into a spiky area. Movement speed is reduced to half for anyone who walks on it. When your enemies walk on this land, they take piercing damage. 
Sleet Storm, Call Lightning. Sleet Storm is a level 3 conjuration spell that gives you the ability to charge a storm that impacts enemy concentration. Additionally, you can create ice on the surface with the help of this spell. Call Lightning is another level 3 conjuration spell that allows you to bring down lightning, which will hit all targets standing in a range of 3m and deals 3-30 lightning damage. 
Wall of Fire, Blight Wall of Fire is a level 4 spell that lets you craft a blazing wall of fire. When any creature gets close to the wall of fire, it will also get burned with 5-40 fire damage. Blight doesn’t affect undead or constructs, but others take 8-64 Necrotic damage and get a disadvantage on their saving throws. 
Wall of Stone, Conjure Elemental Wall of Stone is a level 5 spell that allows you to raise a non-magical wall, which is made up of solid stone within 18m. Conjure Elemental is also a level 5 spell that lets you summon an elemental to aid in battle. 

Best armor and weapons

The best-fit type of weapons while playing in a Druid Circle of the Land 

Helm: The Lifebringer. It gives you +3 temporary HP, which will remain if you have Lightning Charges. 

Armor: The Jolty Vest. This is a medium armor that gives you the ability to shock your opponents who are attacking you if you have lightning charges

Gloves: The Sparkle Hands. This equipment is a set of gloves. It gives you Dexterity checks and +1 gain to your strength if you have lightning charges. 

Boots: The Watersparkers. This equipment is a pair of boots. These boots can electrify any water where you are standing while you equip these boots. 

Melee: The Spellsparkler. It is a Quarterstaff, which gives you the ability to build up with lightning charges. You can only get lightning charges when you use cantrips or any of your spells. 

Ranged: The Joltshooter. This is a bow that can do intense damage and come up with lightning charges. It also provides you with an option to bring down opponents who have magical resistance. 

Amulet: The Blast Pendant. This Amulet gives you the ability to charge boost damage by consuming every unused charge of your lightning charges.

Ring 1: Ring Elemental infusion.

Ring 2: The Sparkswall. It gives you resistance to electrical effects.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Circle of the Land Druid Build level progression

Level Unlocks Description 
Race, Background, and Ability Points Distribution. Select from the recommendations above. 
Circle of the Land subclass, Wild Shape class action, Natural Recovery Class action. Wild Shape allows you to assume the form of a selected beast twice per short rest. Natural Recovery allows you to recover expended spell slots when you are outside battle. 
Level 2 spell slot. Select from Hold Person and Spike Growth spells. 
The first Feat unlocks. Elemental Adept to remove one elemental resistance from any enemy. 
Wild Strike class feature, Level 3 spell slot. This class feature gives you the ability to do an unarmed strike during the time when you are in Wild Shape, which will give you an extra attack as a bonus action. Choose from Sleet Storm and Call Lightning spells. 
Land’s Stride: Difficult Terrain passive feature. Wild Shape: Panther and Wild Shape: Owlbear also unlock. Difficult Terrain allows you to have expertise in free movement through the Wilderness. Wild Shape: Panther action lets you get the panther shape so you can sneak around invisibly. Wild Shape: Owlbear gives you the appearance of Owlbear so that you can rupture the ground. 
Level 4 spell slot. Choose from Wall of Fire and Blight spells. 
The Second feat unlocks. War Caster to improve concentration during casting spells. 
Level 5 spell slot. Choose from Wall of Stone and Conjure Elemental spells. 
10 Nature’s Ward class feature, Improved wild Strike feature. Nature’s Ward protects you from getting frightened or charmed by Fey and Elementals. It also protects you from getting diseased and poisoned. 
11 No major unlocks. – 
12 The final Feat unlocks. Ability Improvement to max your Wisdom ability and increase your Constitution. 
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