How To Earn Leave No One Behind In Baldur’s Gate 3

Gotta save 'em all

One of the hardest achievements or trophies to obtain in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Leave No One Behind. The task for this achievement is to make sure that no Tiefling refugee dies by your hand or as part of the story. You have to rescue every Tiefling in the game. This means that if you miss out on a rescue mission even once in any act, your entire run becomes useful, and you have to play the game from the start.

It is quite easy to miss out on rescuing Tieflings as well in Baldur’s Gate 3. Depending on your progress in the story, certain characters will keep moving to different places, so unless you know where to go next, it is possible you might fail to rescue them.

Luckily, we have compiled a step-by-step process for you to follow if you wish to rescue every Tiefling in Baldur’s Gate 3 and unlock the Leave No One Behind achievement or trophy. Ideally, I would recommend attempting this on Explorer difficulty so you can take your time and won’t have to struggle too much in combat.

How to save Tieflings in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3

This is the first part of this achievement and the easiest of all. The most you need to be prepared for in this quest is fighting Harpies. Other quests are more about persuasion, so you can go through these points quite easily through your gameplay.

Save Laezel with Persuasion

Only a little bit into the game, you’ll come across a situation in Emerald Grove which will have Laezel inside the cage. The two Tieflings, Damays & Nymessa, would be guarding it, and your task here is to break her free without killing them. Make sure to use Persuasion on them and set her free. Someone with good Charisma on your team will have a better chance of succeeding, so use them.

If not, this can turn into a fight, which will get both tieflings killed. Don’t try to break open the cage, as that will also turn them against you. Be careful and only use persuasion.

Persuade Rolan to stay and help.

Next, you’ll need Rolan in the Emerald Grove. For easier navigation, go straight north from where you saved Laezel and then follow the storyline wherever it takes you. When you reach Rolan, your task is to convince him and other tieflings to stay at the camp. Convince him to stay with them so they all can be saved.

Convince Kagha to let Arabella go

In Druid’s Grove, go to Kagha. She has a captive called Arabella whom you have to save as she’s a tiefling. Apparently, Arabella was trying to steal a sacred idol and was caught, so Kagha thinks she should be killed as a warning to all the tieflings. The only thing here you need to do is persuade Kagha to let her go.

Every class will have different dialogues, so make sure you select the one that has the best chance of keeping Arabella alive. Once freed, take Arabella to her parents waiting outside, and you’ll get Komira’s Locket as a reward.

Kill Bugbear to save Nadira

At the beginning of Druid Grove, you’ll see a fallen tree that can be used as a bridge. Cross it and climb up the mountain just in front of it. On top here, you’ll find a bugbear trying to attack a tiefling. This tiefling can be killed quite easily, so work fast and kill the bear before you lose the chance to get the achievement.

Bugbears can be killed easily if you approach them from the front. This will divert them towards you, which can give you more chance of saving Nadira. This makes this part of the quest to be done quite fast as expected for the task.

Save Mirkon from Harpies

For another tielfing, go towards the right side of the Emerald Grove until you reach the beach. This will start the Investigate the Beast quest. Once in the open, you’ll see a boy named Mirkon. He’ll tell you to listen to the song that he’s entranced by.

You have to divert his attention here and kill the harpies so they do not kill him. Breaking the trance will start the combat instantly, so be careful about that.

To have a successful outcome, first, kill the singing Harpy that is attracting Mirkon. He is only one shot away from dying, so be quick. Then, place your team all over the rocky area so that they can kill harpies that can gather around Mirkon now. Saving him also leads to another quest to find Mol.

Save the Refugees from Goblin Camp

The last task in Act 1 is to save several refugees from the Goblin Camp. Inside, you have to kill all three of the Goblin leaders called Minthara, True Soul Gut, and Dror Ragzlin. All three leaders require a separate fighting part, so make sure you are ready for that. Once they are dead, the tieflings can now move about safely.

With this, the tasks for saving tieflings in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 are now complete. Let’s continue onto Act 2 in Shadow Cursed Lands.

How to rescue Tieflings in Act 2

This act is all based around the Last Light Inn. Your job is to save all the Tieflings in Shadow Cursed Lands and bring them to the Last Light Inn. This act involves a lot of fighting, so gear up. Every step here has a part where you need to be in combat to save the Tieflings.

Defend Last Light Inn and its residents

For the first task, you need to come to Last Light Inn. In here, you need to find Isobel and talk to her. This will trigger a fight with Marcus and other flying creatures, which is essentially what you wanted. Unfortunately, a lot of errors can occur here as all the tieflings present in this inn are easy to die during the fight.

Also, if Isobel is caught, the shield around the Last Light Inn will fail, and all the tieflings will die. So, the best way is to fight the enemies as quickly as possible with heavy attacks and tactics that will save Iobel.

The best way to go about this is to station people all over the inn where the danger is inevitable. This can help in keeping multiple people alive and succeeding with the task.

Talk to the people at Last Light Inn

After the fight, talk to the people present at the Inn to make sure everyone is safe. Here, you’ll find Rolan, who will tell you about all the tiefling that are trapped in the Moonrise Tower. This will start your next task of going to the Moonrise Tower to rescue all that need help.

Find Arabella’s Parents

After saving Arabella, you now have to save her parents, who, according to her, are lost. To find her, go north from the Inn and fight a few mobs littering the area until you find her, worried about her parents. After talking to her, she’ll go back to the camp, and now you’ll have to find her parents.

For this, look for the House of Healing. Go towards the west side and inside the infirmary of the House of Healing. Inside the infirmary, you’ll find her parents dead. Interact with them to make sure. Now, back to Arabella, tell her the truth. After the interaction, you’ve now saved Arabella, and her quest is complete.

Save Rolan

Once you leave for the Moonrise Towers, Rolan will leave the Inn and go fight the Shadows himself. He goes there to save his siblings, which he tells from the note left behind. Well, he’s drunk and not powerful enough to take on the enemies, so you have to save him. Don’t waste time after you get this message, as it might be too late.

To find him. Go southeast from the Reithwin Town waypoint towards the Ruined Battlefield. Down here, you’ll be able to spot him standing by a tree with a torch. Next, kill the shadow creatures present nearby to save him.

Rescue the Tieflings in Moonrise Towers

To save the refugees, you need to first reach the Moonrise Towers and then its prison. The towers are located in the Shadow Cursed Lands. Go towards the lower west side (or a little southwest) to find them. You may encounter some guards whom you’ll need to fight to go through.

Once inside, go into the dungeons, ignoring every enemy you can to make this process faster. Down here, look for a room west of the audience chamber with blood leading to a staircase. Take these stairs, and you’ll reach the Moonrise Towers Prison.

Here, you’ll find two groups, Gnomes and Tieflings. Avoid talking to either, as it can trigger the guards. Instead, throw in a bludgeoning heavy weapon inside gnomes’ cells, and they’ll use it to free themselves and the tieflings.

This will now trigger the guards to start a combat, so be ready for that. The gnomes will not be able to help at this point, so you need to be ready to take on all the guards.

After defeating the guards, go through the hole the gnomes made, and you will reach the docks where the gnomes and tiefling refugees are about to set sail. On the boat, choose to send them to Last Light Inn where they will be safe. Back in the Inn, you can talk to Lakrissa or Alfira and get a reward for saving them.

Save Zevlor

Lastly, you have to save Zevlor for the Leave No One Behind achievement in BG3. After coming back from the Moonrise Towers, you’ll come to know that one person is missing called Zelvor. Everyone believes that Zevlor betrayed them and joined the cultists who captured them at the tower.

To find Zevlor, you need to go through the storyline as it goes until you end up back at the Moonrise Towers. Here, you’ll fight against a mini-boss at some point. Go inside this area, and towards the left side, you’ll notice a few pods. Use the control panel to drop them and then fight all the enemies in this area.

After defeating the mind flayers, you’ll talk to Zevlor. Once saved, he’ll explain his whole story until this point, and he doubts that tieflings will welcome him back. In the end, you’ll be able to convince him to go back to the Inn.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 3 Tiefling refugees

The third act is all about making sure all the tieflings are rescued. You have to go up to all of the groups or camps and talk to them so that you’re sure they are safe.

Talk to Refugee Camp Tieflings

Starting with the tieflings at the refugee camp, you can find them at a small camp near Baldur’s Gate entrance. Walk towards the edge of the area, and you’ll soon see their tents. Talk to all of them and make sure they are safe and not short of any. All of these are the ones you saved in the Last Light Inn.

This is just a precautionary check as it solidifies your chances of getting the achievement.

Go to Elfsong Tavern

Next, visit the Elfsong Tavern for the other group of tieflings. This group is the one you rescued from the Moonrise Tower Prison. Go talk to them and check up on Alfira and Lakrissa. Again, this is just a way of ensuring everyone is safe and fine.

Search for Mol

Now, you’ll have to search for Mol, as she is nowhere to be found. Starting from the Basilisk Gate, use the manhole to go into the Lower City Sewers. Blow up the stone wall on one side and then go straight ahead until you reach the stairs.

Climb up and reach the No Entry-No Exit door. To open the door, you can either use a lockpick or just smash it down. Either can work well.

From here, go down the stairs and into the hallway on the right. At the end of this hall, you’ll find Mol. About Raphael, the one who lures Mol here by making a deal, you can defeat Raphael earlier in the game in House of Hope, which can make this part easier.

If he’s alive, you first need to deal with him to get to Mol. Here, just like others, you simply talk to Mol, and she seems rather ambitious. Just making sure she is fine, you can leave the place and move on to the next step.

Meet Rolan

Lastly, you need to check up on the last person, Rolan. To find him, go to the Sorcerous Sundries, which is quite evident as a large round building on the map of Lower City. Inside, you’ll find Rolan behind the counter.

Talk to him, and during his conversation, you’ll get to the point of talking about killing his boss, Lorroakan. This is all for the sake of this achievement, as it has no connection to any other storyline in the game.

Once everyone has agreed to kill his boss, you’ll need to go to the upper levels of this area to encounter Lorroakan. There are also many other enemies littered in this area, so make sure your gear, weapons, and inventory are filled with useful items needed for this quest.

During the fight, Nightsong and Rolan both will join, which is kind of a negative. This is because if you get Rolan killed, the quest will be a failure at this last step. So, to prevent that, it is best to save your progress just before the fight.

Once Lorroakan is defeated and Rolan is alive, he can join you at your camp. He is the last step to saving every Tiefling in Baldur’s Gate 3 and earning the Leave No One Behind achievement.

There are many decisions that you need to make just to get this decision, which can affect your game. It is better to get this achievement for another gameplay if you want to play according to your style, as it can change some things.

Also, the impending worry of making one wrong decision can dismiss this achievement, which can make it quite hard for a first-time gameplay. Good Luck with this.

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