How To Acquire The Gauntlets For Helsik in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to acquire Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength for Helsik in BG3, you must enter and come back from hell, literally.

Acquire Gauntlets for Helsik is a side quest in BG3 that only gets imposed on you for being poor. Once you decide to make your way to Raphael’s house to steal Orphic Hammer or destroy your contract, the path to it is blocked and Helsik is the only person that has the key. To gain entry to House of Hope, you must agree to Helsik’s demands and bring her back a rare pair of gauntlets. 

All of this is easier said than done as the gloves in question are Gauntlets of Giant Hill Strength. It is one of the most secured pieces of gear in all BG3. You need to solve a puzzle in addition to stealth to find these Gauntlets and complete the Acquire the Gauntlets for Helsik side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to find BG3 Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength

Once you decide to go to hell, you need to find a proper entrance. There is a shop in Lower City region of Baldur’s Gate, Devil’s Fee, which you can access during Act 3. The exact location of the shop is marked on the map, and it is at (X: -36, Y: -10)

Once you enter the shop, talk to its owner at the reception. Helsik knows how to enter hell, but she requires a hefty payment of 20,000 gold. As we are not here to buy our way through the portal of hell, ask Helsik for another mode of payment. 

She will give you some ritual items, the location of the portal, and a task to find Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength from hell. Go upstairs to find a symbol on the floor. Complete Helsik ritual puzzle to open the portal. Once you enter the portal, you will be taken to House of Hope, which is run by the demon Raphael.

How to steal the gauntlets for Helsik in Baldur’s Gate 3

To acquire the gauntlets for Helsik, you actually need to steal them in BG3. There is no way around it. Make your way to the Archive room, which is in the westernmost part of House of Hope. The path to the archive is littered with enemies. We recommend that you disband the party and take the character with most stealth and few important spells (Misty Step and Higher Invisibility). 


Once you reach the archive, go to the location (X: -6540, Y: 2940). There is a pedestal housing the gauntlets you need for Helsik in BG3. Beware as this is a trap. The gauntlets are placed on a special mechanism, pressure plate. You first need to put something else on the plate before you decide to pick up the gauntlets.

If you pick up the gauntlets without sacrificing anything from your inventory, it will trigger the alarm. We recommend that you use stealth and invisibility spells while swapping the items. Once you have obtained the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength for Helsik in BG3, make your escape.

How to escape House of Hope with gauntlets for Helsik in BG3

If you manage to capture the gauntlets for Helsik in BG3 without raising an alarm, the escape is particularly easy. Just return to Feast Hall and use the portal. However, if you try to save Hope and break through your prison, all hell breaks loose. 

You will encounter a lot of enemies in the Feast Hall and the devil himself, Raphael. Once you defeat Raphael, you will be free to use the portal and return to Devil’s Fee shop again.

Should you give Helsik gauntlets or not in BG3?

Once you arrive at Devil’s Fee, Helsik will demand payment in the form of Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength. You can refuse to hand over the gauntlets and pay her 20,000 gold instead (well that doesn’t make any sense. Right?). However, if you refuse to hand over the gauntlets to Helsik in BG3, she will refuse to deal with you in the future. This is a major loss of a great merchant

If you hand over the gauntlets to Helsik, she will continue to deal with you normally. And you can even purchase the gauntlets for a massive discount from her later. These gauntlets are extremely useful so definitely consider purchasing them later on.

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