Ark Survival Evolved Honey Harvesting Guide

This guide will help you tame bees and extract honey from them in Ark Survival Evolved which can be a complex process.

Honey is an extremely useful resource on Ark Survival Evolved, serving several different purposes. Honey may be consumed as food, used as an ingredient in Kibble, or used as bait.

Creatures like the Megatherium and Dire Bears can also be tamed using Honey. Considering all its uses acquiring honey is a priority for many players.

The following guide will show you how to find beehives, destroy them, and then tame the spawned Queen Bee to get a limitless supply of honey on ARK Survival Evolved.

The guide will also discuss locations to find honey in every Ark Expansion DLC.

How to tame Bees in Ark Survival Evolved

Before you start taming bees, you need the following items:

  • A Decent, Long-Ranged Weapon
  • Bug Repellant
  • Extra Armor Rare Flowers
  • A Flying Mount

When it comes to choosing a mount, any mount can be used but a flying one is recommended as they are faster and agile.

How to destroy the Hive

The Redwood forest region in Ark Survival Evolved has a lot of beehives attached to the trees so that is where you should go. It is ideal to have a friend help you and provide support on PvP servers.

Once you locate a hive, attack it. When this happens, the drone bees will start chasing after you and you need to use your long-range weapon to kill them.

They apply a slowing poison which you need to avoid if you wish to survive as that poison can attract larger predators.

Once the hive has been destroyed, a queen bee will spawn for which you will require bug repellant. Use the bug repellant and then feed her the rare flowers to successfully tame her.

Harvest honey

Once you pick up the fallen queen bee, it automatically becomes a beehive that you can place anywhere you want.

The ideal place is, of course, your base. Find the spot where you want to harvest honey and place your beehive.

The hive requires some more rare flowers before it can produce honey. Place the flowers in the inventory and let the production begin!

You will still need to use bug repellent when harvesting honey to prevent the bees from attacking you.

Once you have obtained the honey, there is a plethora of things you can do with it in Ark Survival Evolved such as:

  • Tame a Liopleurodon
  • Lure Dinosaurs toward the Honey
  • Tame a Dire Beat
  • Can be Used as Food/Bait for Fishing
  • Can be Used in Various Recipes across the Game

After reading this Ark Survival Evolved Taming Bees and Harvesting Honey Guide, you will not only know the method of obtaining honey but also know the various uses of it which will help you solidify your chances of survival in the long run. Have fun hunting!

Honey locations in Ark Valguero

The Valguero expansion pack adds a huge map to explore. One that contains a wide variety of biomes including, Jungles, Oceans, Tundra, Mountains, etc.

In Ark Valguero, the best locations for farming honey are as follows:

  • Beach Area
  • Boreal Forest
  • The Jungle
  • Chalk Hills
  • Redwoods

Honey locations in Ark Aberration

Ark Aberration is an interpretation of a destroyed Ark map, with most features being linked to the underground. The map is divided into three distinct regions green, red, and blue. Each color represents the Fertile, Element, and Bioluminescence regions respectively.

The best locations to find Honey in Ark Aberration are close to the lake island beside the glow tail portal. You’ll find multiple bee colonies by the edge of this lake.

Honey locations in Ark Crystal Isles

Crystal Isles comes as a free addition to ARK Survival Evolved. The main appeal of this expansion pack is its several small islands and newer creatures. The best locations to find Honey in ARK Crystal Isles are covered in our separate guide.

Honey locations in Ark Extinction

Ark Extinction is the game’s 3rd purchasable DLC which sends players onto an Element spread, and ravaged map that will feature both organic and Corrupted creatures.

The best locations to find Honey on Ark Extinction are in the northwest region and the middle of the map.

Honey locations in Ark Genesis Part 1

Beehives are very limited in Ark Genesis Part 1, and it will be tricky to acquire sufficient honey resources. However, you can find some trees. The best spot to look for Beehives on Ark Genesis Part 1 is in the Bog Biome.

Honey locations in Ark Genesis Part 2

Ark Genesis Part 2 is the last DLC available to purchase. Players find themselves exploring a new map with bizarre creatures and biomes. Most of the Beehives on Ark Genesis Part 2, spawn by the right-sided ring of Genesis. You’ll find plenty on the mountain and cliff, sides.

Honey locations in Ark Lost Island

Ark Lost Island is a free DLC, featuring city ruins, the underwater Lost Region, and plenty of new creatures. Beehives on Ark Lost Island are predominantly located in the center of the map with Redwood forest being an excellent location to find plenty.

Honey locations in Ark Ragnarok

The Ark Ragnarok expansion pack is not connected with the main story; however, it features an expansive map, rich in plenty of resources and almost twice the size of other DLC maps.

Beehives in Ark Ragnarok, generally spawn close to Rocky cliffsides, you may also find them near the castle.

Honey locations in Ark Scorched Earth

Ark Scorched Earth offers players a unique experience compared to other DLCs. Players are forced to survive harsh conditions in a desert biome with limited resources, surrounded by mountain ranges.

Honey is available in very limited amounts on Ark Scorched Earth and farming beehives is quite a challenging task.

The best spot to look for Beehives on Ark Scorched Earth is in the canyon right in the center of the map.

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