Ark Crystal Isles Honey Locations

We've put together this really quick guide to help you locate and farm bee hives for honey in Ark Crystal Isles.

Ark Crystal Isles has a very limited supply of honey which is why you might face a great deal of difficulty in finding Honey.  Besides being rare, honey is one of the most useful resources in Ark Crystal Isles.  Don’t worry if you don’t know where to find Honey. We’ll show you how to find and use honey as a resource in this guide.

You can substitute honey for food and survive without food by eating honey. Honey can also be used to make other food like Sweet Vegetable Cake and Extraordinary Kibble. You can use honey to lure other creatures too.

When it comes to Ark Crystal Isles, honey is an excellent bait for taming or attracting anything you want. Fishing rods can also be used to bait sea creatures with honey. The thing to remember about honey is that it goes bad very quickly, so you should always keep it in the fridge.

Ark Crystal Isles Honey Locations

You have to farm beehives to find honey. You’ll get more honey if you have more bee hives. Bee hives aren’t common in many places. However, we figured out one coordinate where you can find Bee hives and get honey.

You have to be very careful when farming Bee hives since they can be dangerous. You can still extract honey from beehives by following these coordinates. Keep in mind one thing you must be very patient if you want to find and extract honey.

LAT: 31.2 LON: 31.2

Ark Crystal Isles Honey Locations

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