Ark Ragnarok Dire Polar Bear Location And Taming

This Ark Ragnarok guide aims to identify every site where gamers may encounter the Dire Polar Bear and describes how to tame them.

Dire Polar Bear is white-skinned and is found mostly in the snow biome of Ark Ragnarok. The Polar dire bear’s features, levels, uses, and even taming techniques are identical to those of every other dire bear on the map.

In Ark Ragnarok, taming Polar Dire Bear is important because it has a secondary swipe attack that can be utilized to gather berries and remove meat from its prey. Additionally, this swipe deals greater damage than usual while halting motion.

This Ark Ragnarok guide aims to identify every site where gamers may encounter the Dire Polar Bear and to describe how to tame them.

Dire Polar Bear Location in Ark Ragnarok

Players need to know why they are looking for Dire Polar Bear before beginning their hunt. This is not suitable if you intend to start breeding them to make trades or take them to another server. The battle with the Island Polar Bear makes it unlikely that Dire Polar Bears will ever be transferred. Players are advised to avoid looking for them if their only goal is to engage in trading.

If not, then the locations where gamers can search for these bears are listed below.

  • Dire Polar Bears are a rare spawn in the Murder Snow region. This area is located almost in the center of the map. This area is very inhospitable as the temperature there falls to -90 degrees sometimes. Also, this area has dire wolves that can cause severe damage to players.
  • Other than Murder Snow, Dire Polar Bears are mostly in the Ice Dungeon.
  • A little cave in the frozen pond near Viking Bay occasionally has two or three Dire Polar Bears.

How To Tame Dire Polar Bear

Players need to know that Dire polar bears found in the ice dungeon can’t be tamed. So it’s almost useless to try to tame them. However other Polar Dire Bears can be tamed and used for so many different purposes.


So, the first step is obviously to locate a dire polar bear. Basically, you need a male polar bear and a female polar bear.

Make sure that the bear you choose is at least level 80 so that the baby bear has good properties too.

Once you find a male and female bear put them at any place. The place should be such that there are no other creatures and the bears can’t run away. Probably your workshop is the best place for this.

After this, put them down with darts. Four darts will be enough for each bear. Feed them and they’ll be tamed. Then you can ride them too with the help of a saddle.

Once, they both are tamed the next step is to breed them to have a baby bear.

After having a baby bear, take care of it and feed it nice food. Honey is best for bears if you don’t have mutton. Thus, in this way you Polar dire bears can be tamed.

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