Ark Valguero Honey Locations

A detailed guide to help you figure out the best places to farm Honey in Ark Valguero. We'll also be taking a look at Beehives.

Giant Bee Honey is one of the many resources found on Ark Valguero. It can have multiple uses that include being used as food, as an ingredient in Sweet Vegetable Cake or Extra Ordinary Kibble, and even as bait.

Honey may also be used to tame certain creatures like the Dire Bear and the Megatherium.

Considering all its uses Honey is quite a valuable commodity to have so the following guide will help players acquire more of it by looking into the best locations to find the resource and some farming tips.

Ark Valguero Honey Locations

Honey can be obtained in two ways the first being gathering from the Beehive of a tamed Giant Bee. The second, collecting it from wild beehives at every 15-minute interval. Be cautious when doing so as you will immediately be attacked by the Giant Bees.

Honey may also be collected using a tamed Dire Bear at twice the normal rate, it will do so without damaging the hive or attracting the bees.

In Ark Valguero, Beehives can be found in five different locations including the Beach Area, Boreal Forest, The Jungle, Chalk Hills, and Redwoods.


The following map will show the in-game spawn locations for Beehives.

Ark Valguero Honey Locations

Location #1 – Beach Zone

Latitude: 39.3


This is a good early game spot for farming honey as beehives are easy to find. Remember that the Beehive spawn is random at each of these coordinates so if you don’t find one simply move on to the next one.

A relatively strong tame like the Megatherium is a good choice to bring along considering the amount of honey available in this area.

Other beehive locations in this area are as follows:

  • 6,33.4
  • 9,38.9
  • 2,42.7
  • 2,48.5
  • 0,42.5
  • 4,42.9

Location #2 – Boreal Forest

Latitude: 36.9


Another great farming spot with tons of easy-access beehives. Again, note that since the spawn chance for these hives is random you may not find a beehive at some of these coordinates, in which case just simply move on to the next one.

The two ways to obtain the honey from the hive are either just grabbing it from the hive inventory and making a swift escape from the pursuing Bees or bringing along a strong tame like a wyvern that can take out all bees after which you can collect the honey from the remains.

Other beehive locations in this area are:

  • 7,68.3
  • 7,68.2
  • 2,69.2
  • 7,71.8
  • 1,78.5
  • 2,78.2
  • 2,76.6
  • 7,78.7
  • 2,60.5
  • 8,75.0

Location #3 – Jungle

Latitude: 34.2


The Jungle biome is also a great spot for collecting honey however tackling all the dangerous creatures in the area like the Raptors, Hyaenodons, and Deinonychus may be a handful.

Hive spawn chance is random, simply move on to the next hive should you fail to find one.

Locations 1 and 2 should be preferred especially early game but once you get strong enough tames this shouldn’t be a problem.

The snatch and run strategy, is equally effective here, though you can also choose to take out all the enemy bees.

Other Beehive locations in this area are the following:

  • 6,89.5
  • 5,92.9
  • 8,84.9
  • 4,91.1

Location #4 – Chalk Hills

Latitude: 67.9


The Chalk Hills are pretty much a great place to find any resource which is yet again the case for finding Honey. Sufficient beehives that are easy to find and access are available.

Hive spawn chance is random, simply move on to the next hive should you fail to find one.

As with every hive you have the option to snatch and run or take out all the enemy bees before retrieving the Honey.

Other beehive locations in Chalk Hills are:

  • 2,95.3
  • 1,94.9
  • 2,72.5
  • 7,57.3
  • 5,52.6

Location #5 – Redwoods

Latitude: 91.3


Redwoods is also an option should you need some extra honey, however finding beehives here can be a bit of a nightmare. The coordinates are for a Beehive found on a tree near a waterfall.

Another Beehive location here is on a fallen tree bridge and is at the coordinates (70.2,17.0).

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