Ark Aberration Bee Hive and Honey Locations

Honey is without a doubt, one of the most practical items in Ark Aberration. Survivors can consume honey in its natural form. It is a component of delicious kibble recipes as well as sweet vegetable cakes. Additionally, it can be used to subdue fish that are hostile.

By attaching it to the end of the fishing rod, survivors may use it as bait for fishing. It essentially has health benefits as well. But it is mostly used to tame hostile animals like rats etc.

This quick guide has been curated to help you easily locate bee hives and extract honey from them in Ark Aberration.

Ark aberration bee hives and honey locations

Now that we know how honey is used in the Aberration Ark, the next obvious question is where to get honey.

There are around five colonies on the lake’s edge on the little lake island next to the glow tail cave/portal. To be easily tamed, the queen bee typically enters the water. It’s typically five hives layered on top of one another if you only find “one,” according to experts. You can consume honey from each of them.

There used to be lots of hives close to fertile Lake, they appear to have nerfed them as there is certainly not a solitary one any longer!

We have mentioned the locations of beehives and honey on the map, to help you get to them as quickly as possible.

Location #1

There is a bee colony with variations close to 37.7 latitudes and 39.1 longitudes.


ark aberration honey location

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