Ark Crystal Isles Rare Flower Locations

Read through this detailed guide to learn about all of the different methods you can utilize to acquire a Rare Flower in Ark Crystal Isles.

In Ark Crystal Isles, the Rare flower is one of the resources that can be used as a crafting ingredient. These rare flowers have the appearance of polymer plants from Aberration, yet they are pale blue and have a strong blue nighttime light. This Ark Crystal Isles will help players find Rare Flower in the  Crystal Isles map.

Because Rare Flower is a resource that can be discovered across Ark Survival Evolved, its applications in Crystal Isles are no different from those in other extensions. Exceptional Kibble, Lesser Antidote, and Re-Fertilizer can all be made from Rare Flowers. It can be used by players to tame wary dinosaurs like tapejaras and quetzals. because if they consume it, they won’t try to flee while you knock them unconscious.

Methods to Get a Rare Flower in Ark Crystal Isles

It’s quick to gather rare flowers by hand. However, if you have a large collection of rare flowers to amass, this choice is inappropriate. Players can enlist Dinos for help in this. Any dinosaur that does well with berries may also gather rare flowers. Although a low trike Dino can also harvest these flowers, Stegosaurus or Bronto can gather hundreds of these rare blossoms in a single second.

This article will examine each site where Rare flowers may be found in Ark Crystal Isles, one at a time. Therefore, let’s begin.

Method #1

The easiest way to collect the rare flower in Ark Crystal Isles is to look for them in the white shoals biome. The entire southwest side of the map is a cool beach that is a tropical area covered with big blue flowers. It’s even easier to find them in the nighttime, as they glow in dark.

So players can find these rare flowers anywhere in this white shoals area and the good thing is most of this area is safe too. As this whole area is covered with rare flowers, so it’s impossible to type all the Gps locations. But players will surely find them easily.


Method #2

If White Shoals is not convenient, players can use Cattails to find rare flowers which are found all over the map.

Following are the locations where players can easily find Cattails.

  • Lat 49.3 Lon 42.6
  • Lat 51.1 Lon 41.9
  • Lat 28.7 Lon 27.0
  • Lat 41.1 Lon 69.6
  • Lat 34.8 Lon 59.1

Method #3

Another great method to collect rare flowers on Ark Crystal Isles is via Beaver Dams. These can be found all over the Crystal Isles map. And sometimes they have a pull stack of rare flowers in a beaver dam.

  • Lat 1 Lon 26.6
  • Lat 7 Lon 59.4
  • Lat 6 Lon 78.0
  • Lat 7 Lon 66.0
  • Lat 9 Lon 45.7
  • Lat 0 Lon 39.8

Method #4

Another method to find rare flowers is to get into a honey cave. Where there are all these beehives that you can open up for organic polymer and honey but you will also get lots of rare flowers. Following are the two convenient entrances to the honey cave.

  • Lat 33.0 Lon 33.8
  • Lat 32.9 Lon 31.1

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