Persona 5 Madarame Palace Guide – Paintings Puzzle, Finding Loot, Boss Tips

Persona 5 Madarame Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

Madarame Palace in Persona 5 is the second dungeon of the game. Out of all the dungeons in the game, this one requires the most days to finish. At several points in the dungeon, it will force you to leave and progress through the story before making additional progress.

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Persona 5 Madarame Palace Guide

While journeying through Persona 5 Madarame Palace, you’ll also come across pretty good loot and other treasures.

In our Persona 5 Madarame Palace Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completely clearing out the Madarame Palace, defeating the enemies, and eliminating the boss at the end.

Persona 5 Madarame Palace – 5/16

You need to take the right-hand side path and towards the open window. Observe the paintings and take the map in the lobby. Head to the big hall and observe the massive golden structure before calling it a day.

Persona 5 Madarame Palace – 5/18

After heading inside, slide underneath the laser and inside the room with the golden statue. Head to the stairs at the top and use the third eye to find a climbing spot near the wall. Continue to proceed until you find a place to drop.

Use the third eye again to hit the switch and free Ann. Head up the scaffolding and drop down after you see glowing objects with the third eye. Now observe the painting and hit the switch to free Ryuji.

Head into the glowing hole and observe the computer in the security room. Listen to the conversation outside and enter the password. Now return to the golden vase and speak to Morgana. Head into the new area and use third eye to scale the wall.

Next thing that you need to do is to drop down into the room with illusion. Grab loot from the restrooms and proceed towards the safe room at the very top. Now head down towards the corridor and watch out for female shadows.

In the next area with the electrical fence, eliminate the shadows and find the glowing painting using the third eye. Press the switch and continue forward.

Persona 5 Madarame Palace – 5/19

After defeating the boss, head inside the security room on the left-hand side and use the computer to disable the lasers. Now simply proceed down the corridor and defeat the boss with a few enemies.

Persona 5 Madarame Palace – 5/20

From the safe room, grab the map and find a treasure chest on the left-hand side of the area. Now head right and then left to get to a large, open area and activate your third eye. Proceed through the lasers and observe the bamboo painting twice.

Now head left and exit the painting and press a button in the next room. You’ll come across a boss in the next area which should be dealt with Magic spells. Once done, observe the computer and head back outside to eavesdrop on a conversation.

After eavesdropping on the conversation, head towards the south side – near the entrance – and observe Madarame statue. Once done, head back to the security room and enter the password to disable lasers and open shutters.

After you’re done with the shadows, head into the safe room on the right-hand side. Now head into the paintings room and enter desert painting, Mt. Fuji painting, and jungle painting. Once done, exit the jungle painting to press a button and find another painting.

At this point, you need to head inside the jungle painting and scale the rock without worrying about the kraken. Simply climb down the fishing net and press the switch. Now head left and enter the desert painting, Mt. Fuji painting, and enter the Tori gate.

Once you find yourself in the jungle painting, climb the rock to head inside the autumn painting and exit it to head into the next room. Head to the northeast edge of the area to proceed!

Drop down from the ledge and head right to find a treasure chest. Now head back and proceed through a couple of blue doors. Head down to come across two Sayuri paintings. Choose the right one and enter the golden door.

In the next area, select the third painting and enter the door. In the next area, continue to ignore the paintings until you get to a blue door. From the area, drop down from the ledge, go past the first painting and find the real one. Enter the golden door to get to the new area.

From the room with Madarame’s treasure, head left and use the safe room. From there, head up into the security room and continue to prod the computer until you’re thrown into a battle. Now head past the safe room and head down a corridor on the right-hand side. You’ll come across another safe room in the area.

In this area, use the third eye to head down the scaffolding and hit the red button. This is it for one day!

Persona 5 Madarame Palace – Madarame Boss Battle Tips

Hit the red button once again and head out through the blue window. Use the third eye to head down the stairs and enter the red door. After the fight starts, destroy the four face parts to complete the first phase.

Once you’ve completed the first form, continue to attack until you see his face reform. During this phase, he’ll have less HP but a ton of new attacks at his disposal. Try to beat him as fast you can to force him to return to normal Madarame.

During the third time, try to paint him black and unleash an All-Out Attack. Continue to repeat the process and you should complete the boss fight in no time.

This is all we’ve on our Persona 5 Madarame Palace Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!