Persona 5 Madarame Boss Guide

The Shadow Madarame boss fight takes place inside the Museum of Vanity Palace Dungeon once players have successfully infiltrated the Palace a number of times. There are different stages to the boss fight but this Persona 5 Madarame Boss guide should help players with all of them to make sure the boss is no longer any problem.

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Persona 5 Madarame Boss

As the fight begins, Madarame divides up into four parts; two paintings for the eyes, one nose, and one mouth.

Since he is now divided up, players can’t deal damage to all of his parts at once, especially not magic damage since that can heal Madarame.

As mentioned above, three parts of Madarame’s body namely both the Eyes and Nose absorb magic attacks and instead of dealing damage, end up healing him so players should only use physical or bullet attacks on the paintings that make up these parts.

Alternatively, the Mouth absorbs all physical and bullet attacks so it should only be damaged with magic attacks.

As players continue to chip away at these paintings, eventually one of these will be destroyed and Madarame will appear in his real, weaker form.

Players should rush him and use their strongest physical attacks when this happens until he finally transforms back into the painting form. Players simply have to follow this tactic with every painting.

However, if Madarame’s Nose starts twitching, players should focus on that and try to eliminate it as quickly as possible to avoid a deadly attack.

To further make the fight efficient, players can try to fuse Personas before the fight. If both Joker and Skull use Rampage during the fight, they can destroy both the Eyes and Nose in less than two turns.

Once all the paintings are dead, the second phase of the fight will start and they will be revived, this time with a new ability called Artist’s Grace.

This ability covers a target in black paint and makes them vulnerable to all attacks for three turns.

The basic combat scenario is just the same in the second phase as well with players focusing on one painting at a time and Rampage providing a huge boost to Physical damage to take out Eyes and Nose.

During this phase, players will also get a chance to use Madarame’s black paint against him and make him weak. They should use this opportunity to deal a massive amount of damage until Madarame boss has finally been defeated.

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